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January 23, 1993 in Philadelphia, PA
Radisson Hotel drawing 670
  1. Ray Odyssey beat Chris Evans.

  2. ECW Tag Champs The Super Destroyers beat The Lords of Darkness (Duane Gille & Barry Hardy) to win the WWA Tag Team Title.

  3. Kerry Von Erich DDQ Salvatore Bellomo.

  4. Johnny Hotbody pinned Tony Stetson in a "brass knuckles bullrope cowbell" match.

  5. Davey Boy Smith beat The Masked Superstar.

  6. ECW Champ Mr. Sandman DDQ WWA Champ The Spider.

  7. Terry Funk beat Eddie Gilbert in a "Texas death I quit" match.
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March 12, 1993 in Radnor, PA
Cabrini College drawing 250
  1. Johnny Hotbody DDQ Tommy Cairo.

  2. The Super Destroyers beat The Hell Riders.

  3. Tommy Cairo beat Salvatore Bellomo via DQ.

  4. The Rockin' Rebel beat Tony Stetson.

  5. Jimmy Snuka beat Larry Winters.

  6. Glenn Osbourne beat Johnny Hotbody.

  7. Larry Winters & Tony Stetson beat Chris Michaels & The Samoan Warrior.

  8. Mr. Sandman beat Kodiak Bear.

  9. Eddie Gilbert beat JT Smith.

  10. Tommy Cairo beat The Super Ninja via DQ.

  11. The Super Destroyers beat The Super Ninja & The Canadian Wolfman.

  12. Jimmy Snuka beat Tommy Cairo.

  13. Glenn Osbourne beat Eddie Gilbert.

  14. The Rockin' Rebel beat Frank Cody.

  15. Jimmy Snuka beat Glenn Osbourne to win the ECW TV Title
ECW TV Title Tournament Bracketing

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Cancelled: March 13, 1993 in Radnor, PA