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Cancelled: June 11, 1993 in Ft. Hood, TX (TV Taping)

July 30, 1993 in Ft. Hood, TX
??? drawing 2,253 ($19,980)
  1. Black Bart pinned Steve Dane (10:00).

  2. Mike Davis pinned Johnny Rotten.

  3. John Tatum pinned Bill Irwin.

  4. The Kimodo Dragons (Dean Malenko & Ted Petty) beat Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond (37:00) in three falls.
    • Diamond pinned Dragon #1 (Petty).
    • Dragon #2 (Malenko) pinned Tanaka.
    • Dragon #1 pinned Tanaka (37:00).

  5. Jake Roberts pinned Bob Orton, Jr. (34:00).

  6. Gary Young NC Mario Savoldi (Ted Petty).

  7. Road Warrior Hawk pinned The Convict (Kevin Wacholtz).
Note: This was the first Crockett show since the sale of WCW to Turner. Technically the show was not promoted by Crockett since his non-compete term had not expired.

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Cancelled: July 31, 1993 in Austin, TX (TV Taping)

TV Taping

February 28, 1994 in New York City, NY
Manhattan Center drawing ???
  1. Jake Roberts pinned Bob Orton, Jr.

  2. Ron & Don Harris beat Keith Scherer & The Kodiak Bear.

  3. The Convict pinned Jason Knight.

  4. 911 beat Mikey Watson & Paul Warrior in a "handicap" match.

  5. The Public Enemy beat Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond.

  6. Tommy Dreamer pinned Gino Caruso.

  7. Terry Funk beat The Kodiak Bear via submission.

  8. JT Smith & Tommy Cairo beat Mike B & The Captain.

  9. Road Warrior Hawk beat Keith Scherer.

  10. Mikey Watson beat Jason Knight via referee's decision.

  11. The Convict beat Mikey Watson via DQ.

  12. The Tasmaniac beat Ray Odyssey.

  13. The Public Enemy beat Mikey Watson & Paul Warrior.

  14. Bob Orton, Jr. pinned Tommy Dreamer.

  15. Kevin Scherer pinned Jake Roberts.

  16. Road Warrior Hawk pinned The Convict.

  17. Sabu DDQ Terry Funk.
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