Information about Jim Crockett's 1990s NWA

  • When Jim Crockett, Jr. sold his company to Turner Broadcasting in November 1988, a five year non-compete clause was part of the deal. Shortly before that term was up, Crockett began preparations for a return to wrestling.

  • The first incarnation would be the World Wrestling Network which was to be a national promotion booked by Paul Heyman. There would be only two shows run under this name before the idea of a national promotion was dropped.

  • In mid-1994, Crockett changed his strategy to one where he would use the NWA name and run a small territory in is old Mid-Atlantic area.

  • Shortly after the second Tennessee TV taping he changed his strategy once again. The GWF had just closed, so Crockett picked up the lease at the Sportatorium in Dallas, TX and began running weekly shows. The promotion did gain syndicated TV, but only lasted about six months.

  • Special thanks to Paul Herzog and the other posters on the old RSPW newsgroup for writing up detailed match reports.