GLW Title GLW Tag Team Title
GLW Light Hvywt /
Cruiserweight Title
GLW Hardcore Title

GLW Title

1996/01/12D-Lo BrownWestland, MI
Beat Scott Stevens to become first champ
1996/04/12Ray RobertsWestland, MI
Roberts quits the promotion
1996/05/11The Death DealerWestland, MI
Beat Skull Ganz
1996/09/13Mike KellyWestland, MI
1997/01/17Reckless YouthWestland, MI
Beat Don Montoya
1999/01/08Adam PearceWestland, MI
Beat Elvis Elliot
1999/04/30Elvis ElliottWestland, MI
1999/09/10Tommy WonderWestland, MI
2000/01/21Tommy KnoxWestland, MI
2000/03/10Elvis Elliot [2]
2000/04/29Larry Destiny
2002/01/19NovaWestland, MI
Beat Elvis Elliot in tournament final
2003/05<Stevie Lee
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GLW Tag Team Title

1999/05/21The Cold Brothers: Stone Cold & Ice ColdWestland, MI
Beat Steve Nixon & Truth Martini in tournament final to become first champs
1999/09/10Too Delicious: Devon Daniels & T-VoeltzWestland, MI
2000/03/10John E. Bravo & Jamie Coxx
2000/04/29Mike Kelly & Scott Sabre
Beat John E. Bravo & Pastor Pain
2000/06/24D-2000Livonia, MI
Beat Mike Kelly & Ice Cold
2003/06/27MayhemLivonia, MI
Beat Ice & Stone Cold
2003/06/28The Cold BrothersLivonia, MI
Won in six-man tag match
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GLW Light Heavyweight / Cruiserweight Title

1996/02/09Calavera CortezWestland, MI
Beat Steve Nixon and Rico Rodriguez in a tournament final three-way match to become first champ
1996/03/08Steve NixonWestland, MI
1996/06/21Bobby ClancyWestland, MI
1996/07/19VACANTWestland, MI
Title declared vacant after a match vs. Mike Legacy in which Steve Nixon interfered
1996/08/23Mike LegacyWestland, MI
Beat Calavera Cortez
1996/09/13Calavera Cortez [2]Westland, MI
1999/01/08Jimi VWestland, MI
Beat Bo Lewis
2000/04/29Brian Ireland
Beat Blitzkrieg Kid in tournament final
2002/01/19Jimmy JacobsWestland, MI
Beat John E. Bravo
2003/05<Alex Shelley
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GLW Hardcore Title

1996/11/08Skull GanzWestland, MI
Won 8-man ultimate showdown match to become first champ
1996/12/13VACANTWestland, MI
1997/01/17Tex MonroeWestland, MI
Won bunkhouse rumble
1999/09/10Mike KellyWestland, MI
Beat Johnnie Lawless in tournament final
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