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MOW Title

2001/03Jeff Cannon
Declared first champion; Announced he won a tournament in Cincinnati
2003/06Toby KlineWooster, OH
2005T-RantulaWooster, OH
Stripped for not defending title
2005/03/04Stevie LeeWooster, OH
Beat The Living Nightmare and Jeff Cannon in a "three way" match
Lee died
2007/06/27The RougeClinton, OH
Beat Kenny Hendrix in tournament final
Rouge injured
2007/12/01Kenny HendrixClinton, OH
Beat Sherman Tank
2008/03/14Brian BenderWooster, OH
2008/10/25Seth JamesClinton, OH
2009/06/13OsyrisClinton, OH
Beat Seth James and Hillbilly Jedd in a "three way" match
2010/10/16VACANTClinton, OH
Osyris injured
2010/11/13Patrick HayesClinton, OH
Beat Ryan Burke in tournament final
2011/10VACANTClinton, OH
Hayes quits company
2010/11/13BaneClinton, OH
Beat Ryan Burke
2012/10VACANTClinton, OH
Bane doesn't defend title
2012/11/10The Living NightmareClinton, OH
Beat Benjamin Boone and Jeff Meekins in tournament final
2013/01/26Tommy ChillBarberton, OH
2015/01/24Patrick Hayes [2]Barberton, OH
2016/01/30Wilbur WhitlockAkron, OH
Beat Patrick Hayes and Ethan Wright in a triple threat match
2017/01/28Ethan WrightAkron, OH
2017/09/16Seth AllenMassillon, OH
2017/12/02Wilbur Whitlock [2]Barberton, OH
2018/01/13Seth Allen [2]Massillon, OH
2018/08/18VACANTMassillon, OH
2018/10/20JJ DeVilleMassillon, OH
Beat ??? in tournament final
2018/11/17Bobby BeverlyMassillon, OH
2019/01/26JJ Deville [2]Massillon, OH
2019/05/04Ethan Wright [2]Massillon, OH
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MOW Tag Team Title

2001/11The Milwaukee Mauler & Bennie the Booker
Declared first champs
2001/11Jay Pumper & Kenny HendrixWooster, OH
2009/09/26Cyrus Poe & Tommy ChillClinton, OH
Beat The Clash in a tournament final
2010/10/16Axel & BouncerClinton, OH
2011/01/29Mr. Main Event & Moondog ScrapClinton, OH
Beat Axel & Bouncer and Kenny Hendrix & Gregory Irons in a "three way" match
2011/05/14Axel & Bouncer [2]Clinton, OH
2011/09/10Cyrus Poe & Jake SouthClinton, OH
Phantom title change; First announced as champs on this card
2011/10/08Black Irish Saints: Devlin Anderson & Damien KassClinton, OH
Kass legitimately stabbed at his office while subduing a man who attacked several others
2016/10/01The Living Nightmare & JJ DeVilleAkron, OH
Beat Wilbur Whitlock & Derek Direction in tournament final
2017/02/18Papa Dingo & Low RiderMassillon, OH
2017/06/10The Living Nightmare & JJ DeVille [2]Massillon, OH
2017/07/29Sless Taylor & Bryen DouglasBarberton, OH
2017/10/21The Living Nightmare & Papa DingoMassillon, OH
2018/01/13Bryan Convel & Bryen DouglasMassillon, OH
Beat Nightmare & Dingo and Cody White & Tommy Chill in a "three way" match
2018/03/10Bryan Convel & Espiritu MayaMassillon, OH
Maya replaces Douglas
2018/04/14Patrick Hayes & Wilbur WhitlockMassillon, OH
Beat Maya & Stryder
2018/08/18/14Tommy Chill & Luis CasanovaMassillon, OH
2019/07/27Wilbur Whitlock & Seth AllenMassillon, OH
Beat Chill & Crosshairs Kelly
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MOW Cruiserweight Title

2002/01Matt CrossWooster, OH
Beat Josh Prohibition to become first champ
2002/04Josh ProhibitionWooster, OH
2002/09Matt Cross [2]Wooster, OH
Title inactive due to lack of cruiserweights in MOW
2008/12/06Ryan BurkeClinton, OH
Beat Joey Vengeance in tournament final
2009/09/26Joey VengeanceClinton, OH
2010/02/13Patrick HayesClinton, OH
2010/06/12Ryan Burke [2]Clinton, OH
2010/10/16Benjamin BartholomewClinton, OH
Beat Ryan Burke and JJ DeVille in a "three way" match
2011/01/29JJ DeVilleClinton, OH
2012/03/24WickedClinton, OH
2013/01/26Izzy LambertBarberton, OH
2014/02/08Tripp LeeBarberton, OH
Beat Lambert in last fall of a four-way elimination match
Lee no longer appears on MOW shows
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MOW Tri-County Title

2008/03/14Ernie Ballz (Mike Meekins)Wooster, OH
Beat The Milwaukee Mauler and Lou Roberts to become the first champ
2008/10/25Kenny HendrixClinton, OH
2009/01/17The Masked Assassin (The Milwaukee Mauler)Clinton, OH
2009/03/14Kenny Hendrix [2]Clinton, OH
2009/07/11Moondog ScrapCanal Fulton, OH
Beat Kenny Hendrix and Frankie Andolini in a "three way" match
2010/02/13Hillbilly JedClinton, OH
2010/04/24Moondog Scrap [2]Clinton, OH
2010/06/12Bruno RagottiClinton, OH
2010/10/16The Living NightmareClinton, OH
2011/01/29Ryan BurkeClinton, OH
2011/04/09Tommy ChillClinton, OH
2011/11/12Izzy LambertClinton, OH
2012/02/18Sherman TankClinton, OH
2012/04/21Joey VengeanceClinton, OH
2012/11/10Logan StarkClinton, OH
Beat Vengeance and JJ DeVille in a "three way" match
2013/01/26Jeff MeekinsBarberton, OH
2014/03/22Patrick Hayes [2]Akron, OH
Beat Jeff Meekins and Tripp Lee in a "three way" match
2014/09/20Wilbur WhitlockAkron, OH
2015/07/18JJ DeVilleBarberton, OH
2016/01/30Alex MatthewsAkron, OH
2016/10/01Sless TaylorAkron, OH
2017/04/01Cody WhiteMassillon, OH
Beat Sless Taylor and Bryen Douglas in a three way match
2017/08/26Izzy Lambert [2]Barberton, OH
2018/01/13JJ DeVille [2]Massillon, OH
2018/02/10Izzy Lambert [3]Massillon, OH
2018/12/08Espiritu MayaMassillon, OH
2019/05/04Max AlexanderMassillon, OH
Beat Espiritu Maya and Izzy Lambert in a triple threat match
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