MTW Title MTW Tag Team Title

MTW Title

1994/05/27Al SnowTaylor, MI
Beat Bruiser Bedlam in tournament final to become first champ
1994/07/16Mike KellyTaylor, MI
Kelly injured
1995/01/21Bruiser BedlamTaylor, MI
Beat Mickey Doyle
1995/05/20Marty JannettyTaylor, MI
1995/08/04Al Snow [2]Knoxville, TN
1995/09/30VACANTTaylor, MI
Snow gives up title due to signing with the WWF
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MTW Tag Team Title

1994/05/27International Freedom Fighters: Muhammad Saad & Chris CarterTaylor, MI
Beat The Rock-n-Roll Express to become first champs
1994/07/14Road Warrior Hawk & Bobo Brazil, Jr.Port Huron, MI
1994/07/16The International Freedom Fighters [2]Taylor, MI
1995/01/21Al Snow & Ray RobertsTaylor, MI
Snow won MTW Title
1995/09/09Canadian Lightning: Scott D'Amore & Otis ApolloTaylor, MI
Beat Tommy & Tim Knox in tournament final
1995/09/09Los Rudos: Calavera Cortez & Rico RodriguezTaylor, MI
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