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March 31, 1995 in Dallas, TX
Sportatorium drawing 200
  1. Fabuloso Blondy and Renegado won a "battle royal." Also in the match were: El Nino, Johnny Chicano, El Cuervo, Jackie Boy, Mascara del Fuego, Chako, Aries, Sinestro, El Saivo Jr., and Arandu.

  2. El Nino beat Johnny Chicano in three falls.
    • Nino pinned Chicano in the third fall.

  3. El Cuervo beat Chako in two straight falls.
    • Cuervo was DQed in the second fall.

  4. Aries & Mascara del Fuego beat Jackie Boy & Sinestro in three falls.

  5. Fabuloso Blondy & Renegado beat Arandu & El Saivo, Jr. in three falls.
    • Saivo was pinned in the third fall.
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April 7, 1995 in Dallas, TX
Sportatorium drawing 125
  1. Mac Reyes NC Tigre Potosino in three falls.
    • Tigre won the first fall.
    • Reyes won the second fall.
    • Both were counted out in the third fall.

  2. El Cuervo NC Chako in three falls.
    • Chako pinned Cuervo.
    • Cuervo pinned Chako.
    • Both were counted out.

  3. Jackie Boy & Rosa Salvaje beat Tigre Potosino & ??? in two straight falls.
    • Jackie & Salvaje forced Potosino & ??? to submit.
    • Potosino & ??? were DQed.

  4. Fantasma & Mascara del Fuego beat Rellado & Arandu in three falls.
    • Fantasma pinned Rellado and Fuego pinned Arandu.
    • Rellado forced Fantasma to submit and Arandu pinned Fuego.
    • Fantasma forced Rellado to submit and Arandu was counted out.
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April 14, 1995 in Dallas, TX
Sportatorium drawing 110
  1. Tigre Potosino beat Mac Reyes in three falls.
    • Reyes pinned Potosino.
    • Potosino forced Reyes to submit.
    • Reyes was DQed.

  2. Carlos Maria beat Chako in two straight falls.
    • Maria pinned Chako.
    • Maria pinned Chako.

  3. Mascara del Fuego & Jaivo Flores, Jr. beat El Cuervo & El Renegado, Jr. in three falls.
    • Fuego & Flores pinned Cuervo & Renegado.
    • Renegado pinned Flores and Cuervo pinned Fuego.
    • Renegado was counted out and Fuego pinned Cuervo.

  4. Carlos Maria & Arandu beat El Renegado, Jr. & Jackie Boy in three falls.
    • Maria forced Renegado to submit and Arandu pinned Jackie.
    • Jackie pinned Arandu and Renegado forced Maria to submit.
    • Maria pinned Renegado and Arandu pinned Jackie.
Note: These were the only PALL events at the Sportatorium in 1995.

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