Information about NAWA / SAPW

  • The North American Wrestling Association was started in early 1990 by George Scott, John Ringley, and Mike Lamberth.

  • Paul Jones and Frank Dusek took over the promotion in the summer of 1990 and changed the name to South Atlantic Pro Wrestling. On the August 4, 1990 TV show the program began to be referred to as South Atlantic Wrestling. However, the titles and promotion were still referred to as the NAWA. The September 22 TV show was the first to have the SAPW logo at the beginning of the program, but the NAWA logo was also still present. As late as the Paul Jones title win, the NAWA names was sometimes used.

  • The TV show usually ran on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays in the territory. By late 1990, it was airing nationally on Friday nights on the America One network.