Information about Lucha Underground

  • Lucha Underground is a TV show produced by Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor) airing in English on El Rey Network. The first season also aired in Spanish on Unimas.

  • The show features a mix of luchadores from AAA and American wrestlers and are taped in a converted warehouse (referred to as "The Temple") in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles.

  • The hour long show is hosted by Matt Striker and Vampiro. Unlike other wrestling shows, Lucha Underground features several "vignette" segments in each episode that the live audience doesn't see and the announcers are unaware of. These segments are often more akin to a scene from a scripted series rather than interviews being recorded for a TV show. The majority of the vignettes take place in Dario Cueto's office or the locker rooms of "The Temple" with some taking place offsite.

  • Each season builds to a two part season finale called "Ultima Lucha" with the second episode being two hours. When a new season starts, it's acknowledged that some time has passed since the prior one. However, champions are still recognized from the previous season.