PPV Tapings

June 3, 2011 in New York, NY
Hammerstein Ballroom drawing 300
    "First Blood" began airing June 26, 2011

  1. Ghetto Mafia (Dope & Creed) beat Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz (EC Negro & KC Blade) and Grimm Reefer & Ruckus in a "three-way" match when Creed pinned Reefer or Ruckus.

  2. Bestia 666 pinned Facade.

  3. Homicide pinned Eddie Kingston.

    "Hood Justice" began airing September 25, 2011

  4. Ricky Reyes beat Slyk Wagner Brown via submission.

  5. Jeez beat Scorpio Sky, Famous B, Willie Mack, and Bandido Jr. via pinfall in a "five-way" match.

  6. Rasche Brown pinned Rich Ortiz.

    "Street King" began airing November 6, 2011

  7. Buck Chyld pinned Steve Mack.

  8. Will & Joel Maximo beat Lance Lude & Brian XL when Lude was pinned.

  9. Eddie Carnage KO BC Killer in a "night club brawl" match. This match aired on the PPV, but was taped at an empty bar. The date and location of the match are unknown.

  10. Rasche Brown beat Homicide, Ricky Reyes, and Bestia in an "elimination" match to become the first UWF champion.
    • Homicide pinned Bestia.
    • Reyes pinned Homicide.
    • Brown pinned Reyes.
UWF Title Tournament Brackets

PPV Tapings

December 6, 2011 in New York, NY
    "Thug Assassins" began airing January 22, 2012

  1. Jeez pinned Famous B.

  2. Bestia pinned Masada.

  3. Slyck Wagner Brown pinned Ruckus.

  4. Grimm Reefer pinned Daemon Slugga.

  5. The Phat Pack beat Rage & Riot via pinfall.

    "Ruthless Revenge" began airing March 25, 2012

  6. Facade beat Joker, Grimm Reefer, and Kris Kage in a "four way" match when he pinned Kage.

  7. Facade pinned Joker.

  8. Steve Mack pinned Jeez.

  9. Joel & Will Maximo beat Element & Mizzle when Element was pinned.

  10. Slymm pinned Rich Ortiz.