Information about the Wrestling Society X

  • Wrestling Society X was a made for TV promotion produced by Big Vision Entertainment and booked by head writer Kevin Kleinrock, Cody Michaels, and Vampiro.

  • The in-ring style was a faced paced blend of the hardcore and high spot styles.

  • The shows aired on several of the MTV networks with additional footage being available on the MTV website (WSXxtra). Each episode opened with a live performance by a musical guest and featured many visual and audio effects.

  • The first show "debuted" January 30, 2007 on MTV. The series was to air weekly on Tuesday nights at 10:30 pm. However, the first two episodes actually aired as unadvertised previews on the Friday before the official airdate.

  • The fourth episode was postponed a week due to a incident where Ricky Banderas threw a fireball at Vampiro. That spot would be edited out when the show did finally air.

  • On March 2, the show was cancelled. Episodes 5 through 9 aired on March 13 and 14 as a marathon billed as the season finale. Episode 10 never aired.