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CWA World Title

1979/04/28Thunderbolt PattersonMemphis, TN
This is the first television show that Patterson is mentioned as champion
He is said to have beaten Mark Lewin for the title 1979/01 in Melbourne, Australia
Patterson quits promotion
1979/10/02Pat McGinnisLouisville, KY
Beat Hector Guerrero
1979/10/08Billy GrahamMemphis, TN
1979/11/08Jerry LawlerLexington, KY
Held-up 1980/01/21 vs. Bill Dundee in Memphis, TN
Lawler broke his leg in a touch-football game 1980/02/03
1980/04/28Billy RobinsonMemphis, TN
Beat The Superstar (Bill Eadie)
Held-up vs. Bill Dundee 1980/07/28 in Memphis, TN
Dundee won rematch
1980/08/04Bill Dundee Memphis, TN
1980/08/11Billy Robinson [2] Memphis, TN
1980/10/06Austin Idol Memphis, TN
1980/10/20Bobby Eaton Memphis, TN
Won via forfeit
1980/10/27Billy RobinsonMemphis, TN
1981/04<Dory Funk, Jr.
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CWA International Title

1983/02Austin Idol
Billed as champion upon arrival; Allegedly beat Terry Funk in Tokyo, Japan
1983/03/07Jerry LawlerMemphis, TN
1983/05/16Ken PateraMemphis, TN
1983/07/25Jerry Lawler [2]Memphis, TN
1983/08/15Ken Patera [2]Memphis, TN
1983/09/05Austin Idol [2]Memphis, TN
1983/09/12Stan HansenMemphis, TN
1983/10/03Austin Idol [2]Memphis, TN
1984/04/23Randy SavageMemphis, TN
1984/05/14Austin Idol [4]Memphis, TN
1984/06/16Masao ItoMemphis, TN
1984/07/09Tommy RichMemphis, TN
1984/08/27Eddie GilbertMemphis, TN
1984/09/17Dutch MantelMemphis, TN
1984/09/23Eddie Gilbert [2]Memphis, TN
1984/12/28Terry TaylorMemphis, TN
Taylor left promotion until 1985/06, but was still recognized as champion
1985/07/07Phil HickersonJackson, TN
1985/07/15Terry Taylor [2]Memphis, TN
1985/07/22Phil Hickerson [2]Memphis, TN
1985/09/30The Mongolian StomperMemphis, TN
1985/10/21Phil Hickerson [3]Memphis, TN
1985/11/09Dutch Mantel [2]Memphis, TN
1986/02/02Rick Casey (Wendell Cooley)Memphis, TN
1986/03/03Abdul KhadafyMemphis, TN
1986/03/24Billy TravisMemphis, TN
1986/05/05Bill DundeeMemphis, TN
1986/07/14Jerry Lawler [3]Memphis, TN
1986/09/08VACANT Memphis, TN
Lawler won Southern Title
1986/10/06Big BubbaMemphis, TN
Beat Pat Tanaka in tournament final
1987/01/04Soul Train JonesMemphis, TN
1987/04/20Chick DonovanMemphis, TN
1987/06/13Bill Dundee [2]Memphis, TN
1987/08/17George BarnesMemphis, TN
1987/08/31Bill Dundee [3]Memphis, TN
Dundee won AWA Tag Title with Jerry Lawler
1987/10/27Billy Travis [2]Louisville, KY
Won tournament
1987/11/02Manny FernandezMemphis, TN
1987/12/07Jerry Lawler [4]Memphis, TN
1987/12/07TITLE UNIFICATIONMemphis, TN
Unified with Southern Title and Mid-America Title to create CWA Title
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CWA Title

1987/12/07Jerry LawlerMemphis, TN
Beat Jeff Jarrett and Manny Fernandez to unify the Southern, Mid-America, and International Titles
1988/02/08Max PainMemphis, TN
1988/05/23Brickhouse BrownMemphis, TN
Won via forfeit
1988/06/27Max Pain [2]Memphis, TN
1988/07/03Phil HickersonMemphis, TN
1988/11/14VACANTMemphis, TN
Held-up vs. Brian Lee and later declared vacant
1988/11/19Brian LeeMemphis, TN
Beat Mike Miller in tournament final
1988/12/10Sid ViciousMemphis, TN
1989/01/10Wendell CooleyMemphis, TN
1989/01Dutch Mantel
Awarded title when Cooley quit the promotion
1989/03/11Jeff JarrettMemphis, TN
1989/06/19Black BartMemphis, TN
1989/09/04Texas Dirt (Dutch Mantel) [2]Memphis, TN
1989/09/11Black Bart [2]Memphis, TN
1989/09/18Texas Dirt [3]Memphis, TN
Texas Dirt tries to give the belt to the returning Dutch Mantel, but Mantel canít keep the belt unless Dirt unmasks
The title is soon replaced by the CWA Southwestern Title
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CWA Super Heavyweight Title

Billed as champion upon arrival; Allegedly beat Abdullah the Butcher
1986/11/17Giant Hillbilly (Stan Frazier)Memphis, TN
1987/01/12Jerry BlackwellMemphis, TN
Beat Goliath
1988/05<Giant Hillbilly [2]
Billed as champion upon arrival
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CWA Southwestern Title

Note: This title is often listed as being part of the USWA Southern Title/USWA Title lineage.

1989/10/02Tony AnthonyMemphis, TN
Beat Dustin Rhodes in tournament final
1989/11/19Bill DundeeMemphis, TN
1990/05/03John TatumDallas, TX
Not acknowledged in Memphis until after Dundee had already regained the title 1990/05/28
1990/05/18Bill Dundee [2]Dallas, TX
Tatum was billed as champion in Memphis until he was beaten by Dundee 1990/06/04
1990/06/15John Tatum [2]Dallas, TX
1990/06/22Bill Dundee [3]Dallas, TX
1990/07/04John Tatum [3]Dallas, TX
Memphis end of territory (keeping the USWA name) splits with the Dallas end (going back to the World Class name)
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