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CWA World Tag Team Title

1980/07/28Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry JarrettMemphis, TN
Beat Dutch Mantel & Austin Idol in tournament final to become first champs
1980/08/04Dutch Mantel & Austin IdolMemphis, TN
1981/03/12Bill Dundee & Tommy RichLexington, KY
1981Ricky & Robert Gibson
1983/07<The Assassins (Roger Smith & Don Bass)
Billed as champions upon arrival
1983/08/08Jerry Lawler & Austin IdolMemphis, TN
1983/08/15The Assassins [2]Memphis, TN
Held-up vs. The Fabulous Ones 1983/09/05 in Memphis, TN
Assassins won rematch 1983/09/12 in Memphis, TN
1983/09/19The Fabulous Ones: Stan Lane & Steve KeirnMemphis, TN
1983/10/24The Assassins [3]Memphis, TN
1983/10/29Ken Raper & Robert ReedMemphis, TN
1983/10/31The Assassins [4]Memphis, TN
Held-up vs. The Fabulous Ones on the same card
The Fabulous Ones won rematch
1983/11/07The Fabulous Ones [2]Memphis, TN
1983/11/14The Midnight Express: Dennis Condrey & Norvell AustinMemphis, TN
1983/11/21Dutch Mantel & Austin Idol [2]Memphis, TN
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CWA International Tag Team Title

1985/07Kenya & Kenyala Kondorie
Billed as champions upon arrival
1986/06Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto
Billed as champions upon arrival
1986/06/30Jeff Jarrett & Tojo YamamotoMemphis, TN
Jarrett made the pin to win the title after Yamamoto had walked out
The title was declared held-up due to the team splitting and Yamamoto becoming the manager for Sato & Goto
1986/07/14Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto [2]Memphis, TN
Beat Jeff Jarrett & Pat Tanaka
1986/08/25Jeff Jarrett & Pat TanakaMemphis, TN
1986/09/01Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto [3]Memphis, TN
1986/11/03Jeff Jarrett & Paul DiamondMemphis, TN
1986/11/15Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto [4]Memphis, TN
1986/12/15Paul Diamond & Pat TanakaMemphis, TN
1987/01/10The Sheepherders: Butch Miller & Luke WilliamsNashville, TN
1987/01Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka [2]Memphis, TN
1987/02/07Mr. Rising Sun (Akio Sato) & Tarzan Goto [5]Memphis, TN
1987/03/02Jimmy Snuka & J.T. SouthernMemphis, TN
1987/04/20The Mercenaries
Awarded title after Snuka leaves the promotion
1987/04/27Steve Keirn & Mark StarrMemphis, TN
1987/05/09Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka [3]Memphis, TN
Beat Starr in a handicap match
1987/05/11Mark Starr & Billy TravisMemphis, TN
1987/05Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka [4]
1987/07/06Bill Dundee & Rocky JohnsonMemphis, TN
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CWA Tag Team Title

1988/02/01Gary Young & Max PainMemphis, TN
Beat Manny Fernandez & Jeff Jarrett in tournament final
1988/02/27Ron & Don HarrisMemphis, TN
1988/03/07Gary Young & Max PainMemphis, TN
1988/03/28Ron & Don Harris [2]Memphis, TN
1988/05/02The Cuban Choir BoysMemphis, TN
Held-up vs. Billy Travis & Scott Steiner 1988/05/23 in Memphis, TN
Cuban Choir Boys won rematch 1988/05/29 in Memphis, TN
1988/06Billy Travis & Scott Steiner
1988/06/06Gary Young & Don BassMemphis, TN
1988/06/27Billy Travis & Scott Steiner [2]Memphis, TN
1988/08/15The Rock-n-Roll RPMs: Mike Davis & Tommy LaneMemphis, TN
1988/10/20VACANTLewisburg, TN
Declared vacant after match vs. Bill Dundee & Todd Morton
1988/10/23Gary Young & Cactus JackMemphis, TN
Beat Bill Dundee & Todd Morton in tournament final
1988/11/07Robert Fuller & Jimmy GoldenMemphis, TN
1989/02/18Jed Grundy & Scott SteinerMemphis, TN
1989/02/25Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden [2]Memphis, TN
Jimmy Golden quit promotion
1989/03/13Tracy Smothers & John PaulMemphis, TN
Beat Robert Fuller & Perry Jackson
1989/05/04Robert Fuller & Brian LeeMorristown, KY
1989/06/05Billy Travis & Action JacksonMemphis, TN
Held-up vs. Chris Champion & Mark Starr 1989/07/03 in Memphis, TN
Champion & Starr win rematch
1989/07/10Wildside: Chris Champion & Mark StarrMemphis, TN
1989/09/11The Rock-n-Roll Express: Ricky Morton & Robert GibsonMemphis, TN
Gibson quit the promotion
1989/12/04Ricky & Todd MortonMemphis, TN
Won four-way match
Mortons lost non-title match vs. USWA Tag Champs Brian Lee & Robert Fuller 1989/12/30 in Memphis, TN
The title is never mentioned again
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CWA Tennessee Tag Team Title

1989/07/24Ricky Morton & Jeff JarrettMemphis, TN
Beat Brickhouse Brown & King Parsons to become first champs
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