Mid-America Title

1957/05<Buddy Rogers
1958/04<Mighty Atlas
1958/04/24Tor YamatoChattanooga, TN
Held-up 1959/10/23 vs. Larry Chene in Florence, AL
Still (or again) champion 1960/12
1971/07<Len Rossi
1972/06<Tony Charles
1974/05<Buddy Hack
1974/10<Don Kent
Rufus R. Jones billed as champion 1974/12 in Birmingham, AL
Steve Kovacs billed as champion 1974/12 in Chattanooga, TN
Steve Kovacs beat Kent for the title 1974/12/17 in Louisville, KY
1975/01/04Jackie FargoChattanooga, TN
1975/01Don Kent [2]
1975/02/05Luke GrahamNashville, TN
1975/04Don Kent [3]
1975/05/07Luke Graham [2]Nashville, TN
1975Harley Race
1975/09<Magnificent Zulu
1975/09/09Harley Race [2]Memphis, TN
1975/10/13Bob ArmstrongMemphis, TN
1975/12<Jackie Fargo [2]
1976/03<Dick Steinborn
1976/03Ken Lucas
1976/04Dick Steinborn [2]
1976/06<Tommy Gilbert
1976/06/16Roger KirbyNashville, TN
One report has Gorgeous George holding the title 1976/07
1976/08/14Bob ArmstrongChattanooga, TN
1976/09/08Big Bad JohnNashville, TN
1976/09/25Bob Armstrong [2]Chattanooga, TN
1976/10/03Roger Kirby [2]Chattanooga, TN
Armstrong continued defending title in Nashville, TN and lost belt in double title match to Jerry Lawler 1976/10/06 in Nashville, TN
1976/11<Tommy Rich
1977/01/01The Russian StomperNashville, TN
1977/02/13Ken Lucas [2]Chattanooga, TN
1977/04/15The ExecutionerHuntsville, AL
1977/05/25Jackie Fargo [3]Nashville, TN
Fargo injured
1977/10/09Lanny PoffoChattanooga, TN
Beat Dennis Hall in tournament final
1977/12/10Don Kent [4]Chattanooga, TN
1978/01/03Randy SavageBirmingham, AL
1978/03/26Dutch MantelChattanooga, TN
1978/05/21Don Garfield (Don Fargo)Chattanooga, TN
1978/05/28Dutch Mantel [2]Chattanooga, TN
1978/07/12Whipper Watson, Jr.Nashville, TN
1978/07/22Dutch Mantel [3]Chattanooga, TN
1978/08/12The Blue YankeeChattanooga, TN
1978/08/26Dutch Mantel [4]Chattanooga, TN
Stripped after match vs. The Blue Yankee
1978/09/20The Mexican AngelNashville, TN
Won tournament
1978/11<Dutch Mantel [5]Nashville, TN
1978/11/11Randy Savage [2]Nashville, TN
1979/02<Bobby Eaton
1979/03/21Terry GordyNashville, TN
1979Bobby Eaton [2]
1979/04/25Chris ColtNashville, TN
1979/05/23Ron GarfieldNashville, TN
1979/06/02Dennis CondreyChattanooga, TN
Beat substitute Gorgeous George, Jr.
Held-up 1979/07/25 vs. Bobby Eaton in Nashville, TN
1979/10/07Dutch Mantel [6]Chattanooga, TN
1979/10/24Bobby Eaton [3]Nashville, TN
1979/11/25Chris Colt [2]Nashville, TN
1979/12Bobby Eaton [4]
1980/02/17Gorgeous George Jr.Chattanooga, TN
1980/02Bobby Eaton [5]
1980/02/20Tojo YamamotoNashville, TN
1980Steve Travis
1980/04/05Roger MasonChattanooga, TN
1980/05/10Rocky JohnsonChattanooga, TN
1980/05The Great Togo
1980/06/25Robert GibsonNashville, TN
1980/07/23Bobby Eaton [6]Nashville, TN
Tojo Yamamoto beat The Great Mephisto 1980/09/27 in Chattanooga, TN
Eaton won CWA World Title
1981/07<Ron Bass
1981/07/06Steve KeirnMemphis, TN
1981/08/24Bugsy McGrawMemphis, TN
1981/09/07Steve Keirn [2]Memphis, TN
1981/09/26Dutch Mantel [7]Memphis, TN
1982/04/19Dream MachineMemphis, TN
1982/05/17Dutch Mantel [8]Memphis, TN
1982/05/24Bobby Eaton [7]Memphis, TN
1982/05/31King CobraMemphis, TN
1982/07/05Dutch Mantel [9]Memphis, TN
1982/07/12Bobby Eaton [8]Memphis, TN
1982/07/24Bill Dundee Memphis, TN
1982/09/06Dutch Mantel [10]Memphis, TN
1982/11/15Jesse BarrMemphis, TN
1982/11/22Dutch Mantel [11]Memphis, TN
1982/11/29ApocalypseMemphis, TN
1982/12/05Jacques Rougeau, Jr.Memphis, TN
1982/12/27Sabu (Cocoa Samoa)Memphis, TN
1983/01/02Jacques Rougeau, Jr. [2]Memphis, TN
1983/01/10Bobby Eaton [9]Memphis, TN
1983/02/14Bobby Eaton [10]Memphis, TN
Beat Sweet Brown Sugar in tournament final
1983/02/20Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko Ware)Memphis, TN
1983/03/01Bobby Eaton [11]Memphis, TN
1983/03/07Stagger Lee (Koko Ware) [2]Memphis, TN
1983/07/04Frankie LaineMemphis, TN
1983/07/18Dutch Mantel [12]Memphis, TN
1983/08/15Buddy LandelMemphis, TN
1983/08/29Koko Ware [3]Memphis, TN
1983/09/05Buddy Landel [2]Memphis, TN
1983/11/28Terry TaylorMemphis, TN
1983/12/26Randy Savage [2]Memphis, TN
1984/04/09Jerry LawlerMemphis, TN
1984/11/19Kortsia KorchenkoMemphis, TN
Beat Jacques Rougeau, Jr.
1984/12<Mike Sharpe
Awarded Title
1985/02/11Jimmy ValiantMemphis, TN
1985/07Rick Link
Billed as champion upon arrival
1985/07/15Jerry Lawler [2]Memphis, TN
1985/07/29VACANTMemphis, TN
Lawler won the Southern Title
1985/08/12Koko Ware [4]Memphis, TN
Beat Bota the Witch Doctor in tournament final
1985/08Bota the Witch Doctor
1985/09Koko Ware [5]
1985/10/07Harley RaceMemphis, TN
1985/11Tom Branch
Allegedly beat Race in Kansas City, MO
1985/11/16Koko Ware [6]Memphis, TN
1986/01/21Buddy Landel [3]Louisville, KY
1986/02/02Dirty Rhodes (Roger Smith)Memphis, TN
1986/02/17Buddy Landel [4]Memphis, TN
1986/04/07Dutch Mantel [13]Memphis, TN
1986/05/19Rip RogersMemphis, TN
1986/06/16Dutch Mantel [14]Memphis, TN
Mantel quit the promotion
1986/08/11Tracy SmothersMemphis, TN
Beat MOD Squad Basher in tournament final
1986/09/20The Ninja (Tony Burton)Memphis, TN
1986/09/26Tracy Smothers [2]Memphis, TN
1986/10/06Boy Tony (Tony Falk)Memphis, TN
1986/10/20Tracy Smothers [3]Memphis, TN
1986/10/27Big Bubba (Fred Ottman)Memphis, TN
Gave up title due to already holding International Title
1986/11The Great KabukiJackson, TN
Beat Paul Diamond in tournament final
Kabuki quit the promotion
1987/05Moondog Spot
Billed as champion upon arrival
1987/05/11Jeff JarrettMemphis, TN
1987/05/23Moondog Spot [2]Memphis, TN
1987/06/01Jeff Jarrett [2]Memphis, TN
1987/06/08Moondog Spot [3]Memphis, TN
1987/06/22Jeff Jarrett [3]Memphis, TN
1987/09/07Carl FergieMemphis, TN
1987/09/14Jeff Jarrett [4]Memphis, TN
1987/11/02Jimmy Jack FunkMemphis, TN
1987/11/09Jeff Jarrett [5]Memphis, TN
1987/12/07Jerry Lawler [3]Memphis, TN
1987/12/07TITLE UNIFICATIONMemphis, TN
Unified with Southern Title and International Title to create CWA Title