Memphis Wrestling Southern Tag Team Title

2004/12/26Too Cool II (Tim Grind & Flex)Memphis, TN
Beat Bill Dundee & Kevin White and Mordecai & Nicholas Doom in triple threat match to become first champs
2005/02/21Eric Young & Johnny DivineMemphis, TN
2005/02/26Too Cool II [2]Memphis, TN
2005/04/02The Hot Boys: Kory Williams & Jason BrisbaneMemphis, TN
2005/04/16Too Cool II [3]Memphis, TN
2006/09<The Cowboys: Ricky Murdoch & Bill Nasty
2005/09/23Kevin White & Brickhouse BrownMemphis, TN
2006/12<Kevin White & Dustin Starr
The Moondogs: Spike & Cujo
2007/04Too Cool II [4]
This may have been a phantom title change
2007/04/27Ricky Morton & Kid KashMemphis, TN
2007/05Too Cool II [5]
This was a phantom title change