PPW Tag Team Title

1998/07/21Billy Travis & Bulldog RainesMemphis, TN
Beat The Rock-n-Roll Express in tournament final to become first champs
1999/03/07Kid Wikkid & Derrick KingJonesboro, AR
Beat Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor in tournament final
Held-up vs. Vic Grimes & Erin O’Grady 1999/03/19 in Memphis, TN
Grimes & O’Grady win rematch
1999/03/20Erin O’Grady & Vic GrimesMemphis, TN
1999/04/03Kid Wikkid & Derrick King [2]Jonesboro, AR
1999/04/17Jerry Lawler & Bill DundeeMemphis, TN
Lawler won handicap match when Dundee no-showed
1999/10/02Glen Kulka & Mic Tierny
Phantom title change after Dundee leaves the promotion
Kulka leaves promotion
2000/01/22Jason Lee & Derrick KingMemphis, TN
Win triangle match in tournament final
2000/01/29PG-13: JC Ice & Wolfie DMemphis, TN
Wolfie won in handicap match and chooses JC Ice as partner
2000/03/18Derrick King & Moondog SpotMemphis, TN
2000/04/08The Regulators: Rob & Deon HarlemMemphis, TN
Beat King in a handicap match