Southern Tag Team Title

Note: During the 1960s and early 1970s, there were several tag titles controlled by the Welch/Gulas promotion. A few of the disjointed runs from "Wrestling Title Histories" appear to be from the NWA World Tag Team, Mid-America Tag Team, and Southeastern Tag Team Title lineages. Additionally, the title lineage was often slightly different in various areas of the territory and many title changes were repeated in multiple cities (which are not listed unless the repeated change was in Memphis). This listing assumes that starting in 1968 the Memphis branch is the main title lineage. Any title changes after 1968 that are known to contradict the Memphis lineage are footnoted. Those from other cities that don't contradict the Memphis lineage are listed as title changes.

1945/11<Jack Pardin & Garza Lozano
Beat Herb & Roy Welch
1948/04<Paul Stanlee & Jackie Welch
1948/06/29Mike Chacoma & Red RobertsNashville, TN
Beat Herb & Roy Welch
1948/11/23Herb Welch & Tex RileyNashville, TN
1949/02<Carlos Rodriguez Cortez & Bill Canny
1949/12<Buddy Knox & Bill Canny
1950/08<Roy Welch & Eddie Gossett (Eddie Graham)
1950/11/15Finis Hall & The Masked Bat (unmasked as Sid nabors)Chattanooga, TN
1950/12/21Eddie Gossett & Tex RileyChattanooga, TN
1951/07<Herb Welch & Ray Piret
1951/07/12Eduardo Perez & Red RobertsChattanooga, TN
Beat Herb & Lester Welch
1951/07<Herb Welch & Ray Piret
1951/11<Tex Riley & Ray Piret
1951/12/18Pat O'Brien & Karl KowalskiNashville, TN
1952/04<Henry Harrell & Rex Mobley
1952/04/17Johnny Kostas & Golden HawkChattanooga, TN
1952/05/24Ivan & Karl Kowalski
Alleged to have beaten The Masked Marvel & Paul Jones in Atlanta, GA
1952Herb & Roy Welch
1952/09<Ivan & Karl Kowalski [2]Kingsport, TN
1953/04/01Herb & Roy Welch [2]Jackson, TN
1953/09John & Al SmithNashville, TN
During the mid-1950s, the Charlotte version of the title was defended as far west as Nashville
Corsicas Joe & Jean
1958/03/21Herb Welch & Chris BelkasKnoxville, TN
1958/04/04Corsicas Joe & Jean [2]Knoxville, TN
1958/04/18Dick Beyer & Tex RileyKnoxville, TN
1958/05<Corsicas Joe & Jean [3]
1958/05/30Dick Beyer & Len RossiKnoxville, TN
1958/07/18Doc & Mike GallagherKnoxville, TN
1959Jackie & Don Fargo
1959Len Rossi & Tex Riley
Don & Luke Fields [2]
1960/01/04Corsicas Joe & Jean [4]Memphis, TN
1960/02/22Don & Luke Fields [3]Memphis, TN
1961/01<John & Al Smith
1961/01<Dante & Mephisto
1961/02/12Jackie Fargo & Lester WelchMemphis, TN
1961/03/12Dante & Mephisto [2]Memphis, TN
1961/06Tex Rilery & Len Rossi
1961/07<Dante & Mephisto [3]
1961/08/22Tex Riley & Len Rossi [2]Nashville, TN
1961/09/05Dante & Mephisto [4]Nashville, TN
1961/09/16Tex Riley & Len Rossi [3]Chattanooga, TN
1961/09/23Dante & Mephisto [5]Chattanooga, TN
1961/10/17Jackie Fargo & Lester Welch [2]Nashville, TN
1961/11/27Don Greene & Mike PaidousisMemphis, TN
This change was not recognized in the eastern end of the territory
Dante & Mephisto beat Fargo & Welch 1961/11/28 in Nashville, TN and 1961/11/30 in Chattanooga, TN
1961/12/04Jackie Fargo & Lester Welch [3]Memphis, TN
1962/01Dante & Mephisto [6]
1962/02/12Jackie Fargo & Lester Welch [4]Memphis, TN
1962/03/06Dante & Mephisto [7]Chattanooga, TN
1962/03Jackie Fargo & Lester Welch [5]
1962/03/31Dante & Mephisto [8]Chattanooga, TN
1962/04/19Mike Clancy & Lester WelchChattanooga, TN
1962/07<Dante & Mephisto [7]
1962/07/09Don & Luke Fields [4]Memphis, TN
Medics billed as champions 1962/08/25 in Chattanooga, TN
1962/08/27The Medics (Tony Gonzales & Donald Lortie)Memphis, TN
1962/10/15Buddy Fuller & Lester WelchMemphis, TN
1962/10/22The Medics [2]Memphis, TN
1962/11/13Jackie Fargo & Tex RileyNashville, TN
1962/11/27The Medics [3]Nashville, TN
1962/12/03Eric Pomeroy & Ray AndrewsMemphis, TN
1963/01/21The Medics [4]Memphis, TN
1963/02/05Don & Luke Fields [5]Nashville, TN
1963/02/20The Medics [5]Nashville, TN
1963/04/09Gino & Tony CalzaNashville, TN
1963/05/13Karl & Skull Von StroheimMemphis, TN
Held-up 1963/09/02 vs. Jackie Fargo & Lester Welch in Memphis, TN
Von Stroheims won rematch 1963/09/09 in Memphis, TN
1963/11/05Jackie Fargo & Mario MilanoNashville, TN
1963/12/05Tojo Yamamoto & Ivan MalenkovChattanooga, TN
1963/12/26Jackie Fargo & Mario MilanoChattanooga, TN
Awarded when Malenkov leaves territory
1964/01/16Karl & Skull Von Stroheim [2]Chattanooga, TN
1964/01/23Tojo Yamamoto & Alex PerezChattanooga, TN
Beat Jackie Fargo & Mario Milano 1964/02/03 in Memphis, TN for recognition in many other cities
1964/03/17Jackie Fargo & The Masked Rebel (Sonny Fargo)Nashville, TN
1964/03/31Tojo Yamamoto & Alex Perez [2]Nashville, TN
1964/04/16Jackie & Sonny FargoChattanooga, TN
1964/04/23Tojo Yamamoto & Alex Perez [3]Chattanooga, TN
1964/05/26Jackie & Don Fargo [2]Nashville, TN
1964/06/09Tojo Yamamoto & Alex Perez [4]Nashville, TN
1964/06/23Len Rossi & Mario MilanoNashville, TN
1964/09/09Corsicas Joe & Jean [5]Bowling Green, KY
1964/11<Tojo Yamamoto & Mitsu HiraiBowling Green, KY
1965/05/24Danny Hodge & Mario MilanoMemphis, TN
1965/07<Tojo Yamamoto & Mitsu Hirai
1965/07/13Mike Clancy & Frankie CainNashville, TN
1965/07/27Tojo Yamamoto & Alex Perez [5]Nashville, TN
1965/09/10Jackie Fargo & Len RossiJonesboro, AR
1965/10/02Tojo Yamamoto & Tor KamataNashville, TN
1965/10/19Jackie Fargo & Len Rossi [2]Nashville, TN
1965/11/25The Medics [6]Chattanooga, TN
1965/12/28VACANTNashville, TN
Vacant after match vs. Hiro Matsuda & Kanji (Antonio) Inoki
1966/01/11Mario Milano & Len Rossi [2]Nashville, TN
Won three team tournament over The Medics and Hiro Matsuda & Kanji Inoki
1966/02/09Tojo Yamamoto & Alex Perez [6]Nashville, TN
1966/02/15Mario Milano & Len Rossi [3]Nashville, TN
1966/04<Doug Lindsey & Treach Phillips
1966/04/11Mario Milano & Len Rossi [4]Birmingham, AL
1966/06/21Tojo Yamamoto & The Great HigamiBirmingham, AL
1966/07<Mario Milano & Len Rossi [5]
1966/10/29The Blue Infernos (Frank Martinez Gypsy Joe)Nashville, TN
Held-up 1966/11/18 vs. Chief White Eagle & Chuck Conley in Chattanooga, TN
1966/11Mario Milano & Len Rossi [5]
1966/12<Corsica Joe & Chin LeeBirmingham, AL
Held-up vs. Len Rossi & Eric Von Brauner 1967/02/13 in Birmingham, AL
Joe & Lee won rematch 1967/02/20 in Birmingham, AL
1967/05<Alex Perez & Eric Von Brauner
1967/06<Rip & Tim Tyler
1967/06/12Bad Boy & Billy Boy HinesBirmingham, AL
1967/08<Tamaya Soto & The Great Yamaha
1967/08/10Len Rossi & Bad Boy HinesChattanooga, TN
1967/10Tamaya Soto & Len Rossi
Beat Don & Ron Carson
1968/03<Lester Welch & Eddie Graham
1968/05/13The Red Shadow & Don CarsonMemphis, TN
In eastern end of the territory, The Red Shadow & Don Carson are alleged to have won a title tournament in Tampa, FL in April
Ken Lucas & Dennis Hall beat The Red Shadow & Don Carson 1968/04/25 in Chattanooga, TN
Held-up vs. Ken Lucas & Dennis Hall 1968/05/09 in Chattanooga, TN
Shadow & Carson won rematch 1968/05/16 in Chattanooga, TN
1968/05/27Ken Lucas & Dennis HallMemphis, TN
1968/06/24The Red Shadow & Don Carson [2]Memphis, TN
1968/08/12Jackie Fargo & Lou TheszMemphis, TN
1968/08/19The Red Shadow & Don Carson [3]Memphis, TN
1968/09/09Buddy Fuller & Lester Welch [2]Memphis, TN
1968/09The Red shadow & Don Carson [4]
1968/09/24Buddy Fuller & Lester Welch [3]Birmingham, AL
1968/09/30The Red Shadow & Don Carson [5]Memphis, TN
1968/10/07Ken Lucas & Dennis Hall [2]Memphis, TN
This change was not recognized in the eastern end of the territory
The Mighty Yankees beat The Red Shadow & Don Carson 1968/10/10 in Chattanooga, TN
1968/11/18The Mighty Yankees (Eddie Sullivan & Frank Morell)Memphis, TN
1968/12/30Bobby & Lee FieldsMemphis, TN
1969/01/13The Mighty Yankees [2]Memphis, TN
Ken Lucas & Dennis Hall beat The Mighty Yankees 1969/01/18 in Chattanooga, TN
The Mighty Yankees regained the title at some point in Chattanooga, TN
1969/02/02Ken Lucas & Johnny WalkerMemphis, TN
1969/02The Mighty Yankees [4]
1969/02/27Joe & Bill SkyLexington, KY
1969The Mighty Yankees [4]
1969/03/13Ken Lucas & Johnny WalkerChattanooga, TN
1969/03/31Tojo Yamamoto & Johnny LongChattanooga, TN
Beat Walker & Bob Ramstead
1969/04Joe & Bill Sky [2]
1969/04Tojo Yamamoto & Johnny Long [2]
1969/04/28Bob Ramstead & Johnny WalkerMemphis, TN
1969/05/19Tojo Yamamoto & Johnny Long [3]Memphis, TN
Bob Ramstead & Johnny Walker won title 1969/06/07 in Chattanooga, TN
Yamamoto & Long regained the title in that area by mid-July
1969/06/09The Sundown Kid & Johnny WalkerMemphis, TN
1969/06/16Tojo Yamamoto & Johnny Long [4]Memphis, TN
1969/08/11Johnny Walker & Dennis HallMemphis, TN
1969/10/06Don & Al GreeneMemphis, TN
1969/10/20Jackie Fargo & Dennis HallMemphis, TN
1969/11/03Don & Al Greene [2]Memphis, TN
1969/11/10Les Thatcher & Bearcat BrownMemphis, TN
1969/11/17Don & Al Greene [3]Memphis, TN
1969/12/15Johnny Long & Dennis HallMemphis, TN
1969/12/22Don & Al Greene [4]Memphis, TN
1970/01/19Johnny Walker & Dennis Hall [2]Memphis, TN
1970/04/06Al Greene & Frank MartinezMemphis, TN
Beat Japanese Mystery Man (Tojo Yamamoto) & Johnny Walker in tournament final
The Nashville paper claims Greene & Martinez beat Walker & Hall in Memphis, TN
Len Rossi & Bearcat Brown win title 1970/04/22 in Nashville, TN
The Interns beat Rossi & Brown for title 1970/04/29 in Nashville, TN
1970/05/04Len Rossi & Bearcat BrownMemphis, TN
1970/05/18Al Greene & Frank Martinez [2]Memphis, TN
The Interns beat Johnny Walker & Len Rossi 1970/06/06 in Chattanooga, TN
1970/06/22The InternsMemphis, TN
1970/08/24Tojo Yamamoto & Johnny WalkerMemphis, TN
1970/09/07The Interns [2]Memphis, TN
1970/10<Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett
1971/01/04Don & Al Greene [5]Memphis, TN
Greenes billed as champs December 29, 1970 in Louisville, KY
Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett beat Don & Al Greene 1971/01/09 in Chattanooga, TN
1971/02/09Bearcat Brown & Len RossiLouisville, KY
1971/02/16Don & Al Greene [6]Louisville, KY
1971/05/31Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett [2]Memphis, TN
1971/06Don & Al Greene [7]
Won tournament
1971/06/28Jerry Jarrett & Jackie FargoMemphis, TN
1971/07Don & Al Greene [8]
Al Greene & Steve Clements defend the title in August (Don possibly injured)
1971/09/01Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett [3]Nashville, TN
1971/09Don & Al Greene [9]
1971/09/25Robert Fuller & Tojo YamamotoChattanooga, TN
1971/10<Don & Al Greene [10]
1971/10/06Robert Fuller & Tojo Yamamoto [2]Nashville, TN
1971/10/11Sputnik Monroe & Norvell AustinMemphis, TN
1971/10/25Sputnik Monroe & Norvell Austin [2]Memphis, TN
Beat Len Rossi & Bearcat Brown in tournament final
1971/11/08Bearcat Brown & Robert FullerMemphis, TN
1971/11<Kurt & Karl Von Brauner
There was a three week tournament for the title in Louisville, KY ending on 1971/12/14 that was likely won by the Von Brauners
1972/03Jackie Fargo & Eddie MarlinMemphis, TN
1972/04/10The Interns [3]Memphis, TN
The Interns beat Fargo & Jarrett 1972/04/14 in Louisville, KY for the held-up title
1972/04/17Jackie Fargo & Jerry JarrettMemphis, TN
1972/05/08The Interns [4]Memphis, TN
Held-up vs. Jackie & Roughhouse Fargo 1972/06 in Nashville, TN
Fargos win rematch 1972/06/14
1972/06/14Jackie & Roughhouse FargoNashville, TN
Repeated 19720/06/19 in Memphis, TN
1972/06/21The Interns [5]Nashville, TN
1972/08/15Tojo Yamamoto & Bill DromoLouisville, KY
1972/08/22The Interns [6]Louisville, KY
1972/11/06Len Rossi & Kevin SullivanMemphis, TN
1972/11<The Bounty Hunters: Jerry & David Novak
1972/12/25Jackie Fargo & Jerry Jarrett [2]Memphis, TN
1973/01<The Bounty Hunters [2]
1973/01/15Jackie Fargo & Jerry Jarrett [3]Memphis, TN
The Bounty Hunters beat Jackie Fargo & Jerry Jarrett 1973/02/13 in Chattanooga, TN
Jackie Fargo & Jerry Jarrett beat The Bounty Hunters 1973/02/20 in Chattanooga, TN
1973/03/03Jim White & Jerry LawlerMemphis, TN
1973/03/19Jackie Fargo & Jerry Jarrett [4]Memphis, TN
1973/03/26Jim White & Jerry Lawler [2]Memphis, TN
1973/04/09Tojo Yamamoto & Roughhouse FargoMemphis, TN
1973/04/16Jim White & Jerry Lawler [3]Memphis, TN
1973/04/18Jackie Fargo & Jerry Jarrett [5]Nashville, TN
1973/05/09Jerry Lawler & Jim White [4]Nashville, TN
White injured
1973/06/18Jerry Lawler & Jim White [5]Memphis, TN
Beat Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett in tournament final
Johnny Marlin & Jerry Jarrett beat Jim White & Jerry Lawler 1973/06/30 in Chattanooga, TN
Jim White & Jerry Lawler beat Johnny Marlin & Jerry Jarrett 1973/07/07 in Chattanooga, TN
1973/07/09Jerry Jarrett & Roughhouse FargoMemphis, TN
1973/08/07Jerry Lawler & Jim White [6]Memphis, TN
Eddie Marlin & Tommy Gilbert beat Jerry Lawler & The Scorpion 1973/08/15 in Nashville, TN
The Mighty Yankees beat Marlin & Gilbert 1973/08/22 in Nashville, TN
Marlin & Gilbert beat The Mighty Yankees 1973/08
Jerry Lawler & The Scorpion beat Eddie Marlin & Tommy Gilbert 1973/09/06 in Florence, AL
The Mighty Yankees beat Eddie Marlin & Tommy Gilbert 1973/09/15 in Chattanooga, TN
1973/09/17Eddie Marlin & Tommy GilbertMemphis, TN
Beat Jerry Lawler & The Scorpion in tournament final
Eddie Marlin & Tommy Gilbert beat The Mighty Yankees 1973/09/22 in Chattanooga, TN
1973/09Terry & Ronnie Garvin
1973/10/01Eddie Marlin & Tommy Gilbert [2]Memphis, TN
1973/10/08Terry & Ronnie GarvinMemphis, TN
1973/10/16Eddie Marlin & Tommy Gilbert [3]Memphis, TN
1973/10Jerry Lawler & Al Greene
1973/11/26Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett [3]Memphis, TN
1974/01/21The Infernos (Ron Gibson & Stan Pulaski)Memphis, TN
1974/03/11Roughhouse Fargo & Rufus R. JonesMemphis, TN
1974/03/18The Infernos [2]Memphis, TN
1974/04/15Bearcat Brown & Bobo BrazilMemphis, TN
1974/05/06The Infernos [3]Memphis, TN
1974/05/13Bearcat Brown & Bobo Brazil [2]Memphis, TN
1974/06/03Bobby Mayne & Charlie FultonMemphis, TN
1974/07/15Ricky Gibson & Tommy GilbertMemphis, TN
Rufus R. Jones & George Gulas beat Mayne & Fulton 1974/07/27 in Chattanooga, TN
1974/08/19Al Greene & Phil HickersonMemphis, TN
1974/10/07Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett [4]Memphis, TN
1974/10/21Al Greeene & Phil Hickerson [2]Memphis, TN
1974/11/11Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry LawlerMemphis, TN
Duke Meyers & The Blue Scorpion billed as champions 1974/11 in Nashville, TN
1974/12<Al Greene & Phil Hickerson [3]
1974/12/29Tojo Yamamoto & Eddie MarlinMemphis, TN
Beat Hickerson & Doug Patton
Yamamoto & Marlin beat Hickerson & Patton for the vacant title in a tournament final in Louisville, KY 1975/01/07
1975/03/10Bill Dundee & George BarnesMemphis, TN
1975/05/20Tojo Yamamoto & Jimmy Golden [2]Louisville, KY
1975/06/16Karl Von Steiger & Otto Von HellerMemphis, TN
1975/06/23Jackie Fargo & Mr. Wrestling (Don Greene)Memphis, TN
1975/07Karl Von Steiger & Otto Von Heller [2]
1975/07Jackie Fargo & Don Greene [2]
1975/09/09The Interns [7]Memphis, TN
Held-up vs. Bill Dundee & Eddie Marlin
The Interns won rematch 1975/10/13 in Memphis, TN
1975/12/21Bearcat Brown & Tommy GilbertMemphis, TN
Interns also lose title to Jack Fargo & Lester Welch 1975/12/27 in Chattanooga, TN
1976/01/04The Interns [8]Memphis, TN
1976/01/12Bearcat Brown & Tommy Gilbert [2]Memphis, TN
1976/03/07Roger Kirby & David SchultzMemphis, TN
1976/03/22Bill Dundee & Big Bad JohnMemphis, TN
Held-up vs. Roger Kirby & David Schultz 1976/03/29 in Memphis, TN
Dundee & John win rematch 1976/04/05 in Memphis, TN
1976/04Plowboy Frazier & Jerry Lawler
1976/05/03Bill Dundee & Big Bad John [2]Memphis, TN
1976/05/10Don Greene & The Scorpion (Don Bass)Memphis, TN
1976/06/14Jackie Fargo & Jerry Jarrett [5]Memphis, TN
1976/07/19Dennis Condrey & Phil HickersonMemphis, TN
1976/09/14Tojo Yamamoto & Bill DundeeMemphis, TN
1976/10/04Dennis Condrey & Phil Hickerson [2]Memphis, TN
1976/11/01Danny Little Bear & Chief ThundercloudMemphis, TN
1977/01/03Dutch Mantel & David ShultzMemphis, TN
1977/01/24Ricky Gibson & Bill DundeeMemphis, TN
1977/02/07Porkchop Cash & Gorgeous George, Jr.Memphis, TN
Cash & George split
1977/03/14Dennis Condrey & Phil Hickerson [3]Memphis, TN
Beat Ricky & Robert Gibson in tournament final
1977/05/01Ricky & Robert GibsonMemphis, TN
1977/05/23Dennis Condrey & Phil Hickerson [4]Memphis, TN
1977/06/19Tommy Gilbert & Tommy RichMemphis, TN
1977/06/27Dennis Condrey & Phil Hickerson [5]Memphis, TN
1977/07/04Bob Ellis & Jim GarvinMemphis, TN
1977/07/25The Hollywood Blondes: Jerry Brown & Dick (Buddy) RobertsMemphis, TN
1977/08/15Norvell Austin & Pat BarrettMemphis, TN
1977/08/22The Hollywood Blondes [2]Memphis, TN
Held-up vs. Jerry Bryant & Jimmy Garvin in 1977/08/29 in Memphis, TN
Blondes won rematch 1977/09/05 in Memphis, TN
1977/09/19Norvell Austin & Pat Barrett [2]Memphis, TN
1977/10<Samoans Tio & Tapu
Held-up vs. Big Red & Robert Gibson 1977/11/07 in Memphis, TN
Samoans won rematch 1977/11/14 in Memphis, TN
1977/11/28Dennis Condrey & Phil Hickerson [6]Memphis, TN
1978/01/09Norvell Austin & Bill DundeeMemphis, TN
Vacate title when team split up
1978/02/19Plowboy Frazier & Terry SawyerMemphis, TN
Beat Dennis Condrey & Phil Hickerson
1978/03Bill Dundee & Jerry Lawler
1978/05Jos LeDuc & Jean Louie
Held-up vs. Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant 1978/05/22 in Memphis, TN
Lawler & Valiant won rematch
1978/05/29Jerry Lawler & Jimmy ValiantMemphis, TN
1978/06Jos LeDuc & Jean Louie [2]Lexington, KY
1978/09/18Jerry Lawler & Mongolian StomperMemphis, TN
Stomper & Lawler split
1978/10/09The Bounty Hunters [5]Memphis, TN
Beat Bill Dundee & Jimmy Valiant in tournament final
1978/11/06Bill Dundee & Jerry Lawler [2]Memphis, TN
1978/12/18Dennis Condrey & Phil Hickerson [8]Memphis, TN
1979/01/21Toru Tanaka & Robert FullerMemphis, TN
Beat Dennis Condrey & Don Carson in tournament final
1979/02Dennis Condrey & Don Carson
Won via forfeit after Tanaka & Fuller split up
1979/02/26Bill Dundee & Robert FullerMemphis, TN
1979/04/23The AssassinsMemphis, TN
1979/05/07Bill Dundee & Robert Fuller [2]Memphis, TN
1979/05/14Toru Tanaka & Mr. FujiMemphis, TN
1979/06/04Bill Dundee & Jerry Lawler [3]Memphis, TN
1979/06/15The Blond Bombers: Larry Latham & Wayne FarrisTupelo, MS
1979/09/24Sonny King & Ricky MortonMemphis, TN
1979/10/01The Blonde Bombers [2]Memphis, TN
1979/11/19Steve Regal & Hector GuerreroMemphis, TN
1979/12/02The Assassins [2]Memphis, TN
1980/01/01Ricky & Robert Gibson [2]Memphis, TN
1980/01/07The Assassins [3]Memphis, TN
Held-up vs. Ken Lucas & Steve Regal 1980/01/21 in Memphis, TN
The Assassins won rematch 1980/01/28 in Memphis, TN
1980/02/17Ken Lucas & Billy RobinsonMemphis, TN
1980/02/25The Assassins [4]Memphis, TN
1980/02/26Ken Lucas & Billy Robinson [2]Jonesboro, AR
1980/03/11Paul Ellering & Sheik Ali HassanLouisville, KY
1980/03/29VACANTMemphis, TN
Vacated when Ellering wins Southern Title
1980/04/07Dennis Condrey & David ShultzMemphis, TN
Beat Ken Lucas & Billy Robinson in tournament final
1980/05/12Rocky Johnson & Jimmy ValiantMemphis, TN
1980/05/24Skull Murphy & Gypsy Joe
Phantom title change said to be in Wheeling, WV; Announced on this date on TV
1980/06/02Ken Lucas & Ricky MortonMemphis, TN
Jackie & Randy Fargo beat Skull Murphy & Gypsy Joe 1980/06/11 in Nashville, TN
The title was declared vacant 1980/06/18 in Nashville, TN when Jackie Fargo retired
The Fargos reign was only recognized by Nick Gulas in the Nashville end of the territory
1980/07/28Karl Krupp & El MongolMemphis, TN
Beat Ken Lucas & Paul Ellering
1980/08/25Eddie & Tommy GilbertMemphis, TN
1980/09/15Sonny King & The AngelMemphis, TN
1980/09/29Eddie & Tommy Gilbert [2]Memphis, TN
1980/10/27Larry Latham & Bill IrwinMemphis, TN
1980/11/03Ken Lucas & Ricky Morton [2]Memphis, TN
Held-up vs. Bill & Scott Irwin 1980/11/10 in Memphis, TN
Lucas & Morton won rematch 1980/11/17 in Memphis, TN
1980/11/24Guy Mitchell & Roger KirbyMemphis, TN
1980/12/22Bill Dundee & Tommy Rich [2]Memphis, TN
1981/02/02The Bounty Hunters [6]Memphis, TN
1981/02/15Bill Dundee & Tommy Rich [3]Memphis, TN
1981/03/07Tojo Yamamoto & Wayne FarrisMemphis, TN
Beat Dundee in handicap match
1981/03/23Bill Dundee & Dream MachineMemphis, TN
1981/03/30Masa Fuchi & Atsushi OnitaMemphis, TN
1981/04/06Bill Dundee & Dream Machine [2]Memphis, TN
1981/05/02Kevin Sullivan & Wayne FerrisMemphis, TN
1981/05/18Bill Dundee & Dream Machine [3]Memphis, TN
1981/05/25Kevin Sullivan & Wayne Ferris [2]Memphis, TN
1981/07/09Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee [4]Lexington, KY
Repeated July 13 in Memphis, TN
1981/08/01Masa Fuchi & Atsushi Onita [2]Memphis, TN
1981/08/31Eddie Gilbert & Ricky MortonMemphis, TN
1981/09/07The Heartbreakers: Nightmare & SpeedMemphis, TN
1981/09/14Ricky & Robert Gibson [3]Memphis, TN
1981/09/26Stan Lane & Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko Ware)
Beat Ricky Gibson in a "handicap" match
Held-up vs. Bill Dundee & Steve Keirn 1981/11/09 in Memphis, TN
Dundee & Keirn won rematch
1981/11/16Bill Dundee & Steve KeirnMemphis, TN
1982/03The Midnight Express: Dennis Condrey & Norvell Austin
Austin beat Keirn in a singles match
Midnight Express stripped due to winning the title in singles match
1982/03/08Bobby Eaton & Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko Ware)Memphis, TN
Beat Ricky & Robert Gibson in tournament final
1982/04/26Bill Dundee & Steve Keirn [2]Memphis, TN
1982/05/10The Midnight Express [2]Memphis, TN
1982/05/18Bill Dundee & Steve Keirn [3]Memphis, TN
1982/05/24The Midnight Express [3]Memphis, TN
1982/07/05Stan Lane & Ron BassMemphis, TN
1982/07/12The Midnight Express [4]Memphis, TN
1982/07/19Stan Lane & Ron Bass [2]Memphis, TN
1982/08/09Jim Mitchell & Dream MachineMemphis, TN
1982/08/16Bobby Eaton & Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko Ware)Memphis, TN
1982/08/30Terry Taylor & Steve KeirnMemphis, TN
1982/09/13Bobby Eaton & Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko Ware) [2]Memphis, TN
1982/10/25The Fabulous Ones: Steve Keirn & Stan LaneMemphis, TN
1982/11/22Dream Machine & Bobby EatonMemphis, TN
1982/11/29The Fabulous Ones [2]Memphis, TN
1982/12/13The Sheepherders: Jonathon Boyd & Luke WilliamsMemphis, TN
1983/01/02The Fabulous Ones [3]Memphis, TN
1983/01The Sheepherders [2]
1983/01/17The Fabulous Ones [4]Memphis, TN
1983/01/30The Sheepherders [3]Memphis, TN
1983/02/06The Fabulous Ones [5]Memphis, TN
1983/02/20Adrian Street & Jesse Barr
1983/03<The Fabulous Ones [6]Memphis, TN
1983/04/04The Moondogs: Rex & SpotMemphis, TN
Held-up vs. The Fabulous Ones
The Fabulous Ones won rematch
1983/04/25The Fabulous Ones [7]Memphis, TN
1983/05<The Moondogs [2]
1983/05The Fabulous Ones [8]
1983/05/16Bobby Eaton & Duke Myers [2]Memphis, TN
1983/05/30The Fabulous Ones [9]Memphis, TN
1983/07/11The Grapplers (Len Denton & Tony Anthony)Memphis, TN
1983/07/25The Fabulous Ones [10]Memphis, TN
1983/08<The Grapplers (Len Denton & Tony Anthony) [2]
1983/09/19Dutch Mantel & Koko WareMemphis, TN
1983/10/03The Bruise Brothers: Porkchop Cash & Dream MachineMemphis, TN
1983/11/07The Rock-n-Roll Express: Ricky Morton & Robert GibsonMemphis, TN
1983/11/14The Bruise Brothers [2]Memphis, TN
1983/11/29The Fabulous Ones [11]Memphis, TN
1984/01/22Zambuie Express: Kareem Muhammad & Elijah AkeemMemphis, TN
The Zambuie Express beat The Fabulous Ones via forfeit, but the title canít change hands that way and is declared vacant
1984/01/31Zambuie Express: Kareem Muhammad & Elijah Akeem [2]Memphis, TN
1984/02/06The PYTs: Norvell Austin & Stagger Lee (Koko Ware)Memphis, TN
1984/02/14The Zambuie Express [2]Memphis, TN
1984/03/12Jos LeDuc & Jerry LawlerMemphis, TN
1984/03/19VACANTMemphis, TN
LeDuc and Lawler split
1984/03/26The New Fabulous Ones: Eddie Gilbert & Tommy RichMemphis, TN
Beat Norvell Austin & Stagger Lee (Koko Ware) in tournament final
1984/06/18Phil Hickerson & The Spoiler (Frank Morrell)Memphis, TN
Held-up vs. Dutch Mantel & Phil Hickerson 1984/07/09 in Memphis, TN
Hickerson & Spoiler won rematch 1984/07/16 in Memphis, TN
1984/08/13The Rock-n-Roll Express [2]Memphis, TN
1984/08/20The Nightmares (Ken Wayne & Danny Davis)Memphis, TN
1984/09/15Dutch Mantel & Tommy RichMemphis, TN
1984/10/01VACANTMemphis, TN
Mantel and Rich split
1984/10/08Rick Rude & King Kong BundyMemphis, TN
Beat The Fabulous Ones in tournament final
1984/10/22The Fabulous Ones [12]Memphis, TN
1984/12/03The Interns (Don Bass & Roger Smith)Memphis, TN
1985/01/07VACANTMemphis, TN
Declared vacant after match vs. The Dirty White Boys: Tony Anthony & Len Denton
1985/01/14The Interns [2]Memphis, TN
Beat The Rock-n-Roll Express in tournament final
1985/02/17The Fabulous Ones [13]Memphis, TN
1985/04/15The PYTs [2]Memphis, TN
1985/05/13The Fabulous Ones [14]Memphis, TN
Beat Norvell Austin & Billy Travis
Some reports say that The Fabulous Ones had to return the belts due to having beaten a substitute
However, the did defend the belts the next week in Memphis, TN
1985/06/17The Fabulous Ones [15]Memphis, TN
Beat Ron Sexton & Billy Travis in tournament final
1985/06/22The Sheepherders: Rip Morgan & Jonathan BoydMemphis, TN
1985/09/05The Fabulous Ones [16]Lexington, KY
1985/09/06The Sheepherders [2]Blytheville, AR
1985/09/09The Fabulous Ones [17]Memphis, TN
1985/09/16The Sheepherders [3]Memphis, TN
1985/10/12The Fabulous Ones [18]Memphis, TN
1985/11/11Bill Dundee & Dutch MantelMemphis, TN
1985/12/09Austin Idol & Jerry LawlerMemphis, TN
1985/12/30VACANTMemphis, TN
Lawler loses "loser leaves town" match vs. Bill Dundee
1986/01/13The Fantastics: Bobby Fulton & Tommy RogersMemphis, TN
Beat The Sheepherders in tournament final
1986/03The MOD Squad: Spike & Basher
1986/06/23Giant Hillbilly Elmer & Jerry LawlerMemphis, TN
1986/07/18Fire & Flame (Don Bass & Roger Smith)Jackson, TN
1986/08/30Giant Hillbilly Elmer & Cousin JuniorMemphis, TN
1986/09/01Fire & Flame (Don Bass & Roger Smith) [2]Memphis, TN
The team lost their masks on 1986/09/26 and continued as champions as Bass & Rhodes
1986/11/03Big Bubba & Jerry LawlerMemphis, TN
1986/11/03VACANTMemphis, TN
Bubba attacks Lawler after winning the title
1986/11/10The Sheepherders: Jonathon Boyd & BigfootMemphis, TN
Beat Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis in tournament final
1986/11/17Jeff Jarrett & Billy TravisMemphis, TN
1986/12/13The Rock-n-Roll RPMs: Mike Davis & Tommy LaneMemphis, TN
1987/01<Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis [2]
1987/01/04The Rock-n-Roll RPMs [2]Memphis, TN
1987/01/11Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis [3]Memphis, TN
1987/01/20The Rock-n-Roll RPMs [3]Memphis, TN
1987/01/26Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis [4]Memphis, TN
1987/02/23Big Bubba & GoliathMemphis, TN
1987/04/06Rocky Johnson & Soul Train JonesMemphis, TN
1987/05/04Chick Donovan & Jack HartMemphis, TN
1987/06/01VACANTMemphis, TN
Donovan leaves promotion
1987/06/08Mark Starr & Billy TravisMemphis, TN
Beat Phil Hickerson & Mr. Shima in tournament final
1987/07/06The Clones (Pat & Mike Kelly)Memphis, TN
One of the Clones injured
1987/07/19Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis [5]Jackson, TN
Beat Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond in tournament final
1987/08/02Pat Tanaka & Paul DiamondJackson, TN
1987/09/12The Nasty Boys: Brian Knobbs & Jerry SagsMemphis, TN
1987/09/19The Rock-n-Roll RPMs [4]Memphis, TN
1987/10/03The Nasty Boys [2]Memphis, TN
1987/10/10The Rock-n-Roll RPMs [5]Memphis, TN
1987/10/26The Midnight Rockers: Marty Jannetty & Shawn MichaelsMemphis, TN
1987/11/16The Rock-n-Roll RPMs [6]Memphis, TN
1987/11/22The Midnight Rockers [2]Memphis, TN
The Midnight Rockers were announced as being stripped of the titles after winning the AWA World Tag Team Title several weeks earlier
The title would soon be replaced with the CWA Tag Team Title