USWA Tag Team Title

Previously known as the World Class Tag Team Title

1989/08/04Scott Braddock & Cactus JackDallas, TX
1989/08/11Jeff Jarrett & Matt BorneDallas, TX
1989/09/15Sheik Braddock & Ron StarrDallas, TX
1989/09/29Jeff Jarrett & Matt Borne [2]Dallas, TX
Held-up vs. Jeff Jarrett & Matt Borne 1989/09/22 in Dallas, TX
Jarrett & Borne win rematch
Borne loses 30-day loser leaves town match
1989/12/01Robert Fuller & Brian LeeDallas, TX
Beat Jeff Jarrett & Matt Borne in tournament final
1990/02/03The Southern Rockers: Rex King & Steve DollMemphis, TN
1990/02/06Robert Fuller & Brian Lee [2]Louisville, KY
1990/02/12The Southern Rockers [2]Memphis, TN
1990/04/28The Uptown Posse: Brickhouse Brown & Sweet Daddy FalconeMemphis, TN
1990/05/21The Southern Rockers [3]Memphis, TN
1990/06/02The Dirty White Boys: Tony Anthony & Tom BurtonMemphis, TN
Beat Rex King in handicap match
1990/06/23Rex King & Joey MaggsMemphis, TN
1990/08/11Brian Lee & Don HarrisMemphis, TN
Held-up vs. Jeff Jarrett & Jeff Gaylord 1990/08/27 in Memphis, TN
Jarrett & Gaylord win rematch
1990/09/03Jeff Jarrett & Jeff GaylordMemphis, TN
Beat Brian Lee & Chuck Casey
1990/09/10Brian Lee & Don Harris [2]Memphis, TN
1990/09/17Jeff Jarrett & Jeff Gaylord [2]Memphis, TN
1990/10/06Tony Anthony & Doug GilbertMemphis, TN
1990/11/24Jeff Jarrett & Cody MichaelsJonesboro, AR
1990/12/08Tony Anthony & Doug Gilbert [2]Memphis, TN
1991/01/07The Fabulous Ones: Stan Lane & Steve KeirnMemphis, TN
Held-up vs. Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett 1991/01/28 in Memphis, TN
Lawler & Jarrett won rematch
1991/02/04Jerry Lawler & Jeff JarrettMemphis, TN
1991/03/26The Texas Hangmen: Killer & PsychoLouisville, KY
Beat Jeff Jarrett & Eddie Gilbert
1991/05/13Robert Fuller & Jeff JarrettMemphis, TN
1991/07/08The Barroom Brawlers (Jeff Sword & Doug Vines)Memphis, TN
1991/07/15Robert Fuller & Jeff Jarrett [2]Memphis, TN
1991/09/28The Texas Outlaws (Jeff Sword & Doug Vines) [2]Memphis, TN
1991/10/07Robert Fuller & Jeff Jarrett [3]Memphis, TN
1991/11/04Doug Masters & Bart SawyerMemphis, TN
1991/11/25Robert Fuller & Mike MitchellMemphis, TN
1991/11/30The Moondogs: Spot & SpikeMemphis, TN
Beat Robert Fuller in handicap match
1992/04The Moondogs: Spot & CujoMemphis, TN
Moondog Spike quit the promotion
1992/06/29Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett [2]Memphis, TN
1992/07/06The Moondogs: Spot & Cujo [2]Memphis, TN
1992/07/20Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett [3]Memphis, TN
1992/08/10The Moondogs: Spot & Cujo [2]Memphis, TN
1992/08/17Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett [4]Memphis, TN
1992/10/03The Moondogs: Spot & Spike [2]Memphis, TN
Beat Jerry Lawler in handicap match
1992/12/28Ron & Don HarrisMemphis, TN
1993/01/11The Moondogs: Spot & Spike [3]Memphis, TN
1993/01/18VACANTMemphis, TN
Moondog Spike quit the promotion
1993/01/25Ron & Don Harris [2]Memphis, TN
Beat Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett in tournament final
1993/02/01The Moondogs: Spot & SplatMemphis, TN
1993/02/15Ron & Don Harris [3]Memphis, TN
1993/02/22The Moondogs: Spot & Splat [2]Memphis, TN
1993/03/08Brian Christopher & Big Black DogMemphis, TN
1993/03/15The Moondogs: Spot & Splat [3]Memphis, TN
1993/03/22Brian Christopher & Scotty FlamingoMemphis, TN
1993/03/29The Moondogs: Spot & Splat [4]Memphis, TN
1993/04/12Simply Devine: Rex King & Steve Doll [4]Memphis, TN
1993/06/21Home Boy & New JackMemphis, TN
1993/07/05C.W. Bergstrom & Melvin Penrod, Jr.Memphis, TN
1993/08/02The Moondogs: Spike & CujoMemphis, TN
1993/08/16The Dog CatchersMemphis, TN
1993/09/06The Moondogs: Spike & Cujo [2]Memphis, TN
1993/09/13The Dog Catchers [2]Memphis, TN
Several wrestlers appeared as the Dog Catchers
1993/10/04Moondog Spike & Mike AnthonyMemphis, TN
1993/10/16VACANTMemphis, TN
Moondogs Spike & Splat attacked Anthony
1993/10/25Jeff Jarrett & Brian ChristopherMemphis, TN
Beat Jerry Lawler & The Red Knight (Del Rios) in tournament final
1993/11/01Koko B. Ware & Rex HargroveMemphis, TN
1993/11/08Jeff Jarrett & Brian Christopher [2]Memphis, TN
1993/11/27PG-13: JC Ice & Wolfie DMemphis, TN
Beat Brian Christopher in handicap match
1993/11/29Jeff Gaylord & Mike AnthonyMemphis, TN
1993/12/06The War MachinesMemphis, TN
1993/12/15Far 2 Wild: Todd Morton & Chris MichaelsEvansville, IN
Held-up vs. PG-13 1994/01/03 in Memphis, TN
Far 2 Wild won rematch 1994/01/08 in Memphis, TN
1994/01/10Ron & Don Harris [4]Memphis, TN
1994/01/24The Rock-n-Roll Express: Ricky Morton & Robert GibsonMemphis, TN
1994/01/31The Moondogs: Spot & Rex (not Colley)Memphis, TN
Held-up vs. Don Bass & Billy Travis 1994/04/16 in Memphis, TN
Bass & Travis won rematch 1994/04/18 in Memphis, TN but the title was declared vacant
1994/04/18VACANTMemphis, TN
1994/04/23Eddie Gilbert & Brian ChristopherJonesboro, AR
Beat the Eliminators in tournament final
1994/05/02The Eliminators: Saturn & KronusMemphis, TN
1994/06/13PG-13 [2]Memphis, TN
Held-up vs. Mephisto & Dante 1994/08/08 in Memphis, TN
Mephisto & Dante won rematch
1994/08/15Dante & Mephisto (Tommy Heggie & Romeo Rodriguez)Memphis, TN
1994/08/29PG-13 [3]Memphis, TN
1994/10The Phantoms: Tragedy & Sorrow (Jerry Faith & Troy Haste)
1994/10/24The Moondogs: Spot & Rex [2]Memphis, TN
Held-up vs. Jim & Ron Harris 1994/11/14 in Memphis, TN
The Moondogs won rematch 1994/11/21 in Memphis, TN
1994/12/26Beauty & The Beast: Jim & Ron HarrisMemphis, TN
1994/12/26PG-13 [4]Memphis, TN
1995/01/09Tommy Rich & Doug GilbertMemphis, TN
1995/01/09PG-13 [5]Memphis, TN
1995/01/14Tommy Rich & Doug Gilbert [2]Memphis, TN
1995/03/13PG-13 [6]Memphis, TN
1995/04/15Brickhouse Brown & The GamblerMemphis, TN
1995/05/01PG-13 [7]Memphis, TN
Held-up vs. The Rock-n-Roll Express 1995/06/26 in Memphis, TN
The Rock-n-Roll Express won rematch
1995/07/03The Rock & Roll Express [2]Memphis, TN
1995/07/10PG-13 [8]Memphis, TN
1995/08/07The Heavenly Bodies: Tom Pritchard & Jimmy Del ReyMemphis, TN
Held-up (and later declared vacant) vs. PG-13 1995/08/21 in Memphis, TN
1995/08/28PG-13 [9]Memphis, TN
Beat Tracy Smothers & Terry Gordy in tournament final
1995/10/28Tracy Smothers & Jesse James ArmstrongMemphis, TN
1996/01/03Tommy Rich & Doug Gilbert [3]Memphis, TN
1996/01/13PG-13 [10]Memphis, TN
1996/02/14Tracy Smothers & Jesse James Armstrong [2]Memphis, TN
1996/02/17PG-13 [11]Memphis, TN
1996/02/28Tommy Rich & Doug Gilbert [3]Memphis, TN
1996/03/25The Cyberpunks: Fire & Ice (JC Ice & Wolfie D) [12]Memphis, TN
1996/05/18Jerry Lawler & Bill DundeeMemphis, TN
Dundee lost 30-day loser leaves town match
1996/06/17Flex Kavana (Duane Johnson) & Bart SawyerMemphis, TN
Beat Brickhouse Brown & Reggie B. Fine in tournament final
1996/07/01Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee [2]Memphis, TN
1996/07/08Flex Kavana & Bart Sawyer [2]Memphis, TN
1996/07/15Reggie B. Fine & Brickhouse BrownMemphis, TN
1996/08/05The Moondogs: Spot & RoverMemphis, TN
1996/09/03Bill & Jamie DundeeLouisville, KY
Held-up vs. Brian Christopher & Wolfie D 1996/10/12 in Memphis, TN
Christopher & Wolfie won rematch
1996/10/21Wolfie D & Brian ChristopherMemphis, TN
1996/11/09Ron & Don Harris [5]Memphis, TN
1996/11/23Flash Flanagan & Steven DunnMemphis, TN
Held-up vs. Mike Samples & Vic the Bruiser 1996/12/27 in Memphis, TN
Flanagan & Dunn win rematch vs. Samples & Sir Mo 1997/01/09 in Memphis, TN
1997/01/18PG-13 [13]Memphis, TN
1997/03/01Billy Travis & Flash FlanaganMemphis, TN
1997/03/22The Truth Commission: Recon & InterrogatorMemphis, TN
1997/03/29Billy Travis & Flash Flanagan [2]Memphis, TN
1997/04/12The Shooting Stars (Jerry Faith & Troy Haste) [2]Memphis, TN
1997/04/19The Truth Commission [2]Memphis, TN
1997/05/14Steven Dunn & Paul DiamondWest Helena, AR
1997/05/28The Truth Commission [3]West Helena, AR
Flash Flanagan & Nick Dinsmore beat Recon & Tank, but the title was declared vacant because a substitute canít defend the title
1997/07/13PG-13 [14]Memphis, TN
Beat Flash Flanagan & Steven Dunn
1997/08/08Flash Flanagan & Steven Dunn [2]Memphis, TN
1997/08/31PG-13 [15]Memphis, TN