NWA World Tag Team Title

Note: During the 1960s and early 1970s, there were several tag titles controlled by the Welch/Gulas promotion. A few of the disjointed runs from "Wrestling Title Histories" appear to be from the Southern Tag Team, Mid-America Tag Team, and Southeastern Tag Team Title lineages. Additionally, the title lineage was often slightly different in various areas of the territory and many title changes were repeated in multiple cities (which are not listed unless the repeated change was in Memphis).

1957/03<Corsicas Joe & Jean
1957/05/10Jackie & Don Fargo
1957/06/06Corsicas Joe & Jean [2]
1957/06Jackie & Don Fargo [2]
1957/07/23Corsicas Joe & Jean [3]Nashville, TN
1957/08/05Jackie & Don Fargo [3]Birmingham, TN
1957/08/17Corsicas Joe & Jean [4]
1957/08Jackie & Don Fargo [4]
1957/10Corsicas Joe & Jean [5]
1957/10Mario Galento & Lee Fields
1957/10/16Jackie & Don Fargo [5]Mobile, AL
1958/02/06Lester Welch & Len RossiHattiesburg, MS
1958/02/26Jackie & Don Fargo [6]Mobile, AL
1958/05/20Tex Riley & Len RossiNashville, TN
1958/08/19Mike & Doc GallagherNashville, TN
1958/10/02Corsicas Joe & Jean [6]Chattanooga, TN
1958/12<Jackie & Don Fargo [7]
1958/12Corsicas Joe & Jean [7]
1959/01/05Yvon Robert & Billy WicksMemphis, TN
This reign not recognized in eastern end of territory
1959/01/12Corsicas Joe & Jean [5]Memphis, TN
1959/02/19Don & Luke (Bobby) FieldsChattanooga, TN
Held-up 1959/04/17 vs. Corsicas Joe & Jean in Florence, AL
Fields win rematch 1959/04/24 in Florence, AL
1959/10/13Don & Al GreeneNashville, TN
1959/10/26Don & Luke Fields [2]Birmingham, AL
Held-up 1959/11/12 vs. Jackie & Don Fargo in Chattanooga, TN
Fields win rematch 1959/11/19 in Chattanooga, TN
1959/11/20Jackie & Don Fargo [8]Birmingham, AL
1960/01/02Don & Al Greene [2]Chattanooga, TN
1960/01/14Jackie & Don Fargo [9]Chattanooga, TN
1960/01/19Tex Riley & Len Rossi [2]Nashville, TN
1960/03/29Kurt & Karl Von BraunerNashville, TN
The Von Brauners were recognized as champs in Memphis, TN through October 1960
1960/05/02Mike Clancy & Oni Wiki WikiBirmingham, AL
1960/06/20Tor Yamata & Mr. MotoBirmingham, AL
Held-up 1960/10/04 vs. Lester & Herb Welch in Nashville, TN
Welches won rematch
1960/10/18Lester & Herb WelchNashville, TN
1960/11/08Tor Yamata & Mr. Moto [2]Nashville, TN
1960/11/17Don & Al Greene [2]Chattanooga, TN
1961/02/16Lester Welch & Joe Scarpa (Jay Strongbow)Chattanooga, TN
Held-up 1961/04/13 vs. Sputnik & Rocket Monroe in Chattanooga, TN
Welch & Scarpa won rematch 1961/04/20 in Chattanooga, TN
1961/05<Jackie & Joe (Sonny) Fargo
1961/05/29Lester Welch & Joe Scarpa [2]Birmingham, AL
Still champs through at least April 1962
1964/03<Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [2]
Billed as champions upon arrival
1964/08/10Tojo Yamamoto & Alex PerezMemphis, TN
1964/08/24Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [3]Memphis, TN
Held-up 1964/09/15 vs. Tojo Yamamoto & Alex Perez in Nashville, TN
Von Brauners won rematch 1964/09/29 in Nashville, TN
1964/10/15Alex Perez & Joe ScarpaChattanooga, TN
1964/10/29Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [4]Chattanooga, TN
196/02<Jackie Fargo & Mario Milano
1965/02/22Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [5]Memphis, TN
1965/03VACANTNashville, TN
Stripped after match vs. Jackie Fargo & Wilbur Snyder
1965/03/09Jackie Fargo & Mario Milano [2]Nashville, TN
Beat Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner and Tojo Yamamoto & Mitsu Hirai in tournament
1965/04/13Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [6]Nashville, TN
Kurt injured
1965/04/29Tojo Yamamoto & Mitsu HiraiChattanooga, TN
Won tournament
Stripped after match vs. The Masked Big Heads
1965/05Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [7]
1965/09<Eddie Graham & Sam Steamboat
Allegedly won tournament in Tampa, FL
1965/10/11Tojo Yamamoto & Alex Perez [2]Memphis, TN
1965/10/25Eddie Graham & Sam Steamboat [2]Memphis, TN
1966/01<Hiro Matsuda & Kanji Inoki
Inoki broke his leg
1966/05/31Herb Welch & Al CostelloMemphis, TN
Beat Karl & Eric Von Brauner in tournament final
1966/08/03Karl Von Brauner & Luke GrahamNashville, TN
1966/08/24Moose Evans & Giant EvansNashville, TN
1966/10/06Tojo Yamamoto & Tamaya SotoChattanooga, TN
1966/10Tojo Yamamoto & Professor Ito (Umanosuke Ueda)
Lose to Jackie Fargo & Len Rossi 1967/01/25 in Nashville, TN but the title is returned
1967/01/30Jackie Fargo & Herb WelchMemphis, TN
1967/02/06Tojo Yamamoto & Professor Ito [2]Memphis, TN
1967/03/08Jackie Fargo & Len RossiNashville, TN
1967/03/16VACANTChattanooga, TN
Stripped after match vs. The Blue Infernos
Fargo & Rossi continued to defend title in other cities until losing them to The Infernos 1967/03/22 in Nashville, TN
1967/03/23The Blue InfernosChattanooga, TN
Beat Jackie Fargo & Gene Dundee in tournament final
1967/04/27Bad Boy & Billy Boy HinesChattanooga, TN
1967/05/11The Blue Infernos [2]Chattanooga, TN
1967/05/27Bad Boy & Billy Boy Hines [2]Chattanooga, TN
1967/06/29Tamaya Soto & Great Yamaha (Kantaro Hoshino)Chattanooga, TN
1967/07Bad Boy & Billy Boy Hines [3]
Billy Boy Hines hospitalized with liver problems
1967/08/09Don Carson & Ron Carson (Dick Murdoch)Nashville, TN
Beat Jackie Fargo & Len Rossi in tournament final
1967/09/14Bad Boy & Billy Boy Hines [4]Chattanooga, TN
1967/10Motoshi Okuma & Shinya Kojika
1967/12Len Rossi & Tamaya SotoHuntsville, AL
1968/03/14The Mighty Yankees (Eddie Sullivan & Frank Morrell)Chattanooga, TN
Held-up vs. Len Rossi & Tamaya Soto 1968/03/21 in Chattanooga, TN
Yankees won rematch 1968/03/28 in Chattanooga, TN
1968/06Len Rossi & Tamaya Soto [2]
1968/07/09The Mighty Yankees [2]Birmingham, AL
Held-up 1968/08/03 vs. Ken Lucas & Dennis Hall in Chattanooga, TN
Lucas & Hall won rematch
1968/08/10Ken Lucas & Dennis HallChattanooga, TN
1968/08/17The Mighty Yankees [3]Chattanooga, TN
1968/09<Len Rossi & Johnny Walker
1968/11/13Tojo Yamamoto & Johnny LongBirmingham, AL
1968/11/28Les Thatcher & Dennis HallChattanooga, TN
1968/12/14Tojo Yamamoto & Johnny Long [2]Chattanooga, TN
Held-up vs. Len Rossi & Don Carson 1969/02 in Chattanooga, TN
Yamamoto & Long won rematch 1969/02/27 in Chattanooga, TN
1969/03/13Len Rossi & Don CarsonChattanooga, TN
1969/04/26Great Mephisto & DanteChattanooga, TN
1969Len Rossi & Johnny Walker [2]
1969Great Mephisto & Dante [2]
1969/06/21Johnny Walker & Bearcat BrownChattanooga, TN
1969/06/28Great Mephisto & Dante [3]Chattanooga, TN
1969/07/05Johnny Walker & Bearcat Brown [2]Chattanooga, TN
1969/09<The Spoilers
1969/09/20Len Rossi & Bearcat BrownChattanooga, TN
1969/10/02The SpoilersChattanooga, TN
1970/04<Bearcat Brown & Bob Srmstrong
1970/05<Big Bad John & Pepe Lopez
1970/06<The Spoilers [2]
1970/06/06Frankie Cain & Dennis HallChattanooga, TN
1970/06<Big Bad John & Pepe Lopez [2]
John & Lopez continue recognition in Memphis until losing to Wiki & Atlas
1970/09/12Len Rossi & Dennis HallChattanooga, TN
1970/10/01Bobby Hart & Lorenzo ParenteChattanooga, TN
Beat Len Rossi & Bearcat Brown
1970/10/15Len Rossi & Bearcat Brown [2]Chattanooga, TN
1970/12<Bobby Hart & Lorenzo Parente [2]
1970/12/16Oni Wiki Wiki & Mighty AtlasNashville, TN
Wiki & Atlas beat John & Lopez 1970/12/07 in Memphis, TN to win that branch of the title
1970/12/21Big Bad John & Pepe Lopez [3]Memphis, TN
1971/01/06Bobby Hart & Lorenzo Parente [2]Nashville, TN
1971/03/06The Avengers (Dennis Hall & Jimmy Golden)Chattanooga, TN
Oni Wiki Wiki & Mighty Atlas beat Hart & Parente 1971/03/09 in Florence, AL
1971/03/15Gary Martin & Big Bad JohnMemphis, TN
Beat Dr. Death #1 & #2
Bobby Hart & Lorenzo Parente beat The Avengers (Hall & Golden) 1971/03/20 in Chattanooga, TN
The Avengers (Hall & Golden) beat Hart & Parente 1971/03/27 in Chattanooga, TN
1971/03/29Pepe Lopez & Johnny LongMemphis, TN
1971/04/19Len Rossi & Bearcat Brown [2]Memphis, TN
The Alaskans: Mike & Frank Monte beat Hall & Golden 1971/04/24 in Chattanooga, TN
1971/05<Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [8]
1971/05/19Big Bad John & Omar AtlasNashville, TN
1971/05<Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [9]
1971/06/12Jackie Fargo & Jerry JarrettChattanooga, TN
1971/06/19Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [10]Chattanooga, TN
1971/08/02Len Rossi & Bearcat Brown [3]Birmingham, AL
1971/08<Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [11]
1971/09/04Jackie Fargo & Robnert FullerChattanooga, TN
1971Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [12]
1971Dennis Hall & Stan Frazier
1971Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [13]
1971/10<The Interns
1971Len Rossi & Bearcat Brown [4]Birmingham, AL
1971/12Don Greene & Al Greene [3]
1972/03/25Len Rossi & Bearcat Brown [5]Chattanooga, TN
1972/04Don Greene & Al Greene [4]
Held-up 1972/04/19 vs. Bearcat Brown & Tony Charles in Nashville, TN
Greenes won rematch 1972/04/26 in Nashville, TN
1972/05<Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [14]
1972/05/24Robert Fuller & Kevin SullivanNashville, TN
1972/05/31Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [15]Nashville, TN
1972/07/17Robert Fuller & Sputnik MonroeMemphis, TN
1972/07Kurt & Karl Von Brauner [16]
1972/07/31Robert Fuller & Sputnik Monroe [2]Memphis, TN
1972/08/15Don & Al Greene [4]Louisville, KY
1972/08/28Jackie Fargo & Eddie MarlinMemphis, TN
1972/09/18Don & Al Greene [5]Memphis, TN
1972/10/09Tojo Yamamoto & Johnny WalkerMemphis, TN
1972/12<Bounty Hunters: Jerry & David Novak
1972/12/16Johnny Walker & Bearcat Brown [3]Chattanooga, TN
1972/12/30Bounty Hunters: Jerry & David Novak [2]Chattanooga, TN
1973/02<The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Don Kent)
1973/03/29Tojo Yamamoto & Ben JusticeChattanooga, TN
1973/04<The Fabulous Kangaroos [2]
1973/04/11Ron & Don WrightKnoxville, TN
1973/04The Fabulous Kangaroos [3]
1973/09/22Lorenzo Parente & Randy CurtisChattanooga, TN
1973/10/06The Interns [2]
1973/10/22Lorenzo Parente & Randy Curtis [2]Louisville, KY
1973/10/29The Interns [3]Louisville, KY
1973/11/08Don Greene & Bearcat BrownChattanooga, TN
1973/11/15The Interns [4]Chattanooga, TN
Parente & Curtis beat Costello & Kent 1973/11/21 for the title in Nashville, TN
1973/12/05The Interns [5]Nashville, TN
1974/05<The Disciples
1976/07<The Assassins
1976/07<The Masked Superstars
1977/04<Mike Graham & Kevin Sullivan