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March 8, 1923 in Massillon, OH
Knights of Malta Hall drawing ???
  1. Prelim match.

  2. Prelim match.

  3. Steve Kanarvos vs. Young Ramsey.

  4. Ohio Welterweight Champ Tony Gust vs. George Gotsoff.
Note: This was said to be the first Massillon wrestling show in years. It was promoted by James Pitsaroff.

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August 11, 1923 in Canton, OH
Meyers Lake Park drawing ???
  1. Harry Anestes beat Bambo Myers (8:00).

  2. Harry Anestes drew Frank Miller (10:00).
Note: These matches were part of the entertainment at United Steel Alloy Corporation's annual outing.

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September 25, 1923 in Warwick, OH

  1. Johnny Hupp beat Bill Krites (3:25).
Note: This match was part of a boxing show promoted by Johnny Hupp.

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