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May 8, 1916 in Cleveland, OH
West Park Athletic Club drawing ???
  1. Grover Farmer vs. ???.

  2. Young Riley vs. ??? Schwartz.
Note: This card was promoted by the West Park Athletic Club and also featured several boxing matches.

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November 3, 1916 in Cleveland, OH
Lyceum drawing ???
  1. Dan Popp vs. Young Anderson.

  2. Jim Parmon vs. Cyclone Bill.

  3. Ivan Linow vs. Alex Thomas.

  4. William Demetral vs. Ben Stefamski.

  5. William Demetral vs. Ollie Wayne.

  6. William Demetral vs. Louie Smith.

  7. William Demetral vs. Charley Fox.
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December 11, 1916 in Cleveland, OH
Hollenden Hotel drawing ???
  1. Match results unavailable.
Note: This event was a fundraiser promoted by the Greeters Club featuring three wrestling matches, a boxing match, and vaudeville acts.

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