08/11/62 10/18/62

August 11, 1962 in Attica, OH
Attica Speedway drawing ???
  1. Match results unavailable.
Note: This event was promoted by Bob Otto as part of the Attica Fair.

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October 18, 1962 in Sandusky, OH
Armory drawing ???
  1. Ace Freeman & Billy Fox vs. TNT Napalatation & Bill Schole in three falls.

  2. The Black Panther, Jr. vs. Chet Wallick in three falls.

  3. Tony DeMore vs. a wrestling bear.
Note: This was the first show in Sandusky in 18 months. It was promoted by Terry Callahan using wrestlers from the "New York" booking office. However, the wrestlers on the show were mostly local.

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