American Wrestling Association
World Heavyweight Title
(Ohio branch)

1945/06/27Frank SextonBoston, MA
Beat Steve Casey for Boston-based AWA World Title; First defends title in Ohio in early 1946
1950/05/23Don EagleCleveland, OH
Gorgeous George beat Don Eagle 1950/05/26 in Chicago, IL in a match with a disputed finish
Eagle continues to defend the title in the Midwest while George was recognized as champ in Boston
Eagle beat George 1950/08/31 in Columbus, OH in a match where Eagle was billed as champion,
but is recognized as a title change in the Boston lineage
1952/05/01Bill MillerPittsburgh, PA
Eagle still recognized as champion in Boston
1952/09/02Don ArnoldDayton, OH
1952/10/14Buddy RogersDayton, OH
Rogers was billed as champ about a week earlier in Columbus
Some histories list Arnold winning the title in January 1953 and Rogers regaining it in Cleveland, OH on 1953/01/29
However, newspaper articles make no metion of Arnold as champion or Rogers winning the title on that date
1953/03/05Antonino RoccaCleveland, OH
1953/04/09Buddy Rogers [3]Cleveland, OH
1953/05/18VACANTCleveland, OH
Stripped for not defending against Ruffy Silverstein
A tournament is scheduled 1953/05/21 but is cancelled