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NWA United States Heavyweight Title

1953/09/03Verne GagneChicago, IL
1956/04/07Wilbur SnyderChicago, IL
1956/10/19Hans SchmidtChicago, IL
1957/02/19Wilbur Snyder [2]Chicago, IL
1957/12/14Dick the BruiserChicago, IL
1958/04/12Verne Gagne [2]Chicago, IL
1958/11/15Wilbur Snyder [3]Chicago, IL
1958/12/27Angelo PoffoCincinnati, OH
1959/05/02Wilbur Snyder [4]Detroit, MI
1959/05/23Dick the Bruiser [2]Detroit, MI
1960/02/05Wilbur Snyder [5]Detroit, MI
1960/02/21Dick the Bruiser [3]Detroit, MI
1960/06/02Bob EllisWindsor, ON
1960/06/11Dick the Bruiser [4]Detroit, MI
1961/01/28Bobo BrazilDetroit, MI
1961/02/27Dick the Bruiser [5]Detroit, MI
1961/07/21Verne Gagne [3]Hazel Park, MI
1961/09/23Dick the Bruiser [6]Detroit, MI
1961/12/01Fritz Von ErichDetroit, MI
1962/03<Wilbur Snyder [6]
1962/06/02Dick the Bruiser [7]Detroit, MI
1962/08/04Athol LaytonDetroit, MI
1963/06/08Fritz Von Erich [2]Detroit, MI
1963/07/20Athol Layton [2]Detroit, MI
1963/10/19Fritz Von Erich [3]Detroit, MI
1964/06/13Johnny ValentineDetroit, MI
1965/02/06The SheikDetroit, MI
Held-up 1966/09/10 vs. Bill Miller in Detroit, MI
Sheik wins rematch 1966/09/24 in Detroit, MI
1967/08<Bobo Brazil [2]
1967/09The Sheik [2]
Held-up 1970/01/08 vs. Lord Layton in Cleveland, OH
Sheik wins rematch 1970/01/15 in Cleveland, OH
Held-up 1970/04/23 vs. Johnny Powers in Cleveland, OH
Sheik wins rematch 1970/05/07 in Cleveland, OH
1970/06<Bobo Brazil [3]
1970/08<The Sheik [3]
Held-up 1971/02/11 vs. Bulldog Brower in Cleveland, OH
Sheik wins rematch 1971/02/18 in Cleveland, OH
1971/05/29Bobo Brazil [4]Detroit, MI
Held-up vs. 1971/07/17 vs. Bull Curry in Detroit, MI
1971/07The Sheik [4]
1971/07/29Bobo Brazil [5]Detroit, MI
Held-up 1971/08/21 vs. Ernie Ladd in Detroit, MI

Held-up 1972/05/12 vs. Pampero Firpo in Toledo, OH
Brazil wins rematch 1972/05/19 in Toledo, OH

Held-up 1972/06/17 vs. Pampero Firpo in Detroit, MI
Brazil wins rematch 1972/07/01 in Detroit, MI
1972/08/12Pampero FirpoDetroit, MI
1972/08/19Bobo Brazil [6]Detroit, MI
1972/09/30<Pampero Firpo [2]
1972/10/12Bobo Brazil [7]Toledo, OH
1972/10/28Pampero Firpo [3]Detroit, MI
1972/12/23Bobo Brazil [8]Detroit, MI
1972/12/30The Sheik [5]Detroit, MI
1973/01/13Bobo Brazil [9]Detroit, MI
1973/01/27The Sheik [6]Detroit, MI
1973/07/07Johnny Valentine [2]Detroit, MI
1973/07/21The Sheik [7]Detroit, MI
1973Johnny Valentine [3]
1973/09<The Sheik [8]
Held-up 1973/12/29 vs. Pampero Firpo in Detroit, MI
Sheik wins rematch 1974/02/16 in Detroit, MI
1974/03/02Tony MarinoDetroit, MI
1974/03/16The Sheik [9]Detroit, MI
1975/01/25Bobo Brazil [10]Detroit, MI
Awarded when Sheik misses title defenses
1975/02/08Abdullah the ButcherDetroit, MI
1975/04/19Bobo Brazil [11]Detroit, MI
1975/07/05The Sheik [10]Detroit, MI
1975/09/27Mark LewinDetroit, MI
1975/11/01Don KentDetroit, MI
1975/12<Mark Lewin [2]
1976/02/14VACANTDetroit, MI
Held-up vs. The Sheik and later declared vacant
1976/04/21Bobo Brazil [12]
Awarded when tournament final vs. Brute Bernard is cancelled because of an injury to Bernard
1976/05/15The Sheik [11]Detroit, MI
1976/07/17Pampero Firpo [3]Detroit, MI
1976/10/16Don Kent [2]Detroit, MI
Held-up 1976/12/10 vs. Bobo Brazil in Canton, OH
1977/01/08Gino HernandezDetroit, MI
1977/04/02The Sheik [12]Detroit, MI
1977/09<Ox BakerDetroit, MI
1977/10/08The Sheik [13]
1978/09<Mark Lewin [3]
1978/09/30Terry FunkDetroit, MI
1978/10/22The Sheik [14]Detroit, MI
1980/04/12Mighty IgorDetroit, MI
1980/05/03The Sheik [15]Detroit, MI
1980/08/07Jay StrongbowHuntington, WV
1980/09/04The Sheik [16]Huntington, WV
Sheik continues to defend the title for various promoters
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NWA World Tag Team Title

1964Chris Tolos & John Tolos
Billed as champions upon arrival
1965/03/05Johnny Barend & Magnificent Maurice
Bobo Brazil & Art Thomas
1966/11<Nicoli & Boris Volkoff
1967/04<Fred Curry & Billy Red Lyons
1967/05/26Al Costello & Karl Von BraunerDayton, OH
1967/07/13Bill & Danny MillerColumbus, OH
1967/08<Kangaroos: Al Costello & Ray St. Clair
1967/09<Hell's Angels: Ron & Paul Dupree
1968Fred Curry & Danny Miller
1968/06<Hell's Angels [2]
1969/01/18Ben Justice & Rocky JohnsonDetroit, MI
1969/06/21Hell's Angels [3]Detroit, MI
Or 1969/07/05 in Detroit, MI
1969/08/30Louie & Roy KleinDetroit, MI
1969Hell's Angels [4]
1969/09/13Louie & Roy Klein [2]Detroit, MI
1969/10<Skull BrothersDetroit, MI
1969Louie & Roy Klein [3]Detroit, MI
1969/12/06Skull Brothers [2]Detroit, MI
1970/01/31Ben Justice & Stomper Guy MitchellDetroit, MI
1970/03/18Texas Outlaws: Dusty Rhodes & Dick MurdochMansfield, OH
Repeated 1970/03/21 in Detroit, MI
1970/08/08Bobo Brazil & Athol LaytonDetroit, MI
Layton injured
1971/12/18Kangaroos: Al Costello & Don KentDetroit, MI
Beat ben Justice & Stomper Guy Mitchell in tournament final
1972/05Ben Justice & Stomper Guy Mitchell [2]
1972/05/20Kangaroos: Al Costello & Don Kent [2]Detroit, MI
1972/07/15Ben Justice & Guy Mitchell [3]Detroit, MI
1972/12/09Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von ShotzDetroit, MI
1972/12Fred Curry & Tony Marino
1973/01/23<Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Shotz [2]
1973/02/02Fred Curry & Tony Marino [2]Detroit, MI
1973/02/18Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Shotz [3]Detroit, MI
1973/04/07Fred Curry & Luis MartinezDetroit, MI
1973/07/07Ben Justice & Tim BrooksDetroit, MI
1973/07/21Guy Mitchell & Bobo BrazilDetroit, MI
1973/08/04Ben Justice & Tim Brooks [2]Detroit, MI
1973/10<Guy Mitchell & Tex McKenzie
1973/11<Ben Justice & Tim Brooks [3]
1973/11/17Fred Curry & Tony Marino [3]Detroit, MI
1974/01/05Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Shotz [4]Detroit, MI
1974/02/02Fred Curry & Tony Marino [4]Detroit, MI
1974/02/16Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Shotz [5]Detroit, MI
1974/05/11Tony Marino & Bobo BrazilDetroit, MI
Held-up vs. Ben Justice & Tim Brooks
Marino & Brazil win rematch 1974/06/15
1974Tim Brooks & Abdullah the Butcher
1974Tony Marino & Bobo Brazil [2]
1974/11<Fred Curry & Bobo Brazil
Awarded when Mongols no-show
1975/01<Angelo & Lanny Poffo
1975Hank James & Mighty Igor
1975/08<Islanders: Afa & Sika
1975Hank James & Fred Curry
1975/10<Islanders [2]
1975/12/18Kurt & Karl Von BraunerToledo, OH
1976/02<Chris Colt & Count Drummer
1976/03Chris Colt & Lanny Poffo
Poffo replaces the injured Drummer
1976/05/01Dominic Denucci & Chris MarkoffDetroit, MI
New Kangaroos: Al Costello & Tony Charles
1977/04<Luke Graham & Ripper Collins
1977/04Hank James & Ed George (Ed Farhat, Jr.)
1977Bounty Hunters
1977/07/09Louie Klein & Ed George
The title win was Klein's retirement match
1978/04<Moose Cholak & Ed George
1980/04John Bonello & Randy Scott
Beat Pat & Mike Kelly
1980/05/03Frankie Laine & George SteeleDetroit, MI
1980/05/24John Bonelllo & Randy Scott [2]Detroit, MI
1980/06/28Giant Baba & Jumbo TsurutaDetroit, MI
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North American Tag Team Title

1980/03/15Haystacks Calhoun & Big RedDetroit, MI
Beat The Assassin & Wildman in tournament final
1980/03/29John & Rick DavidsonDetroit, MI
1980/04/12John Bonello & Randy ScottDetroit, MI
1980/09/06John & Rick Davidson [2]Lincoln Park, MI
Repeated 1980/09/10 in Canton, OH
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North American Tag Team Title

1973/04<Tanya West_
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