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Heavyweight Title

Ohio Heavyweight Title

1921/02Jean MazzanRavenna, OH
Charlie Fox
1933/07/07Ed MeskeMassillon, OH
Still champion 1934/07
1936/03/25Frank SextonColumbus, OH
Beat George McCloud
1936/06/24George McCloudColumbus, OH
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Ohio Junior Heavyweight Title

1943/03/25Stacey HallColumbus, OH
Beat Frankie Talaber
Billy Rayburn
Said to have held title for two years
1947/10/25Silent RattanAkron, OH
1947/11<Billy Rayburn [2]
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Ohio Middleweight Title

1909<Ed Shelp
1939Dan MorrisLogan, OH
Beat Harold Short
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Ohio Welterweight Title

1897<Frank Burns
1905/02/24Ed ConleyCanton, OH
1911/12<Jack Wagner
1923/03<Tony Gust
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Ohio Lightweight Title

1904/02<Burt Chadwick
1906/02<Johnny Billeter
1925/07<Jack Clayton
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Columbus Welterweight Title

1928/07/03Merle DolbyColumbus, OH
Beat Tubby Morris in tournament final
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Tri-State Welterweight Title

Pancho Sanchez
1936Blondie BlackCincinnati, OH
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Sandusky Junior Light Heavyweight Title

1934/04/17Cycloen MackeySandusky, OH
Beat Les Fishbaugh to become first champ
1934/05/08Sly McLainSandusky, OH
1934/07/03Les FishbaughSandusky, OH
1934/07/17Martino AngeloSandusky, OH
Angelo leaves the area
1935/02/05Martino Angelo [2]Sandusky, OH
Beat Sly McLain
1935/02/26The Black Panther (Jim Mitchell)Sandusky, OH
1935/06/18Danny McDonaldSandusky, OH
The title is not mentioned again after McDonald's last match in Sandusky
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