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Eastern States Title

This title was sanctioned by the Midwest Wrestling Association. It is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the Midwest Title.

1952/08/15Don ArnoldCincinnati, OH
Beat Bill Miller
1952/10<Buddy Rogers
1953/02VACANTDayton, OH
Title declared vacant after controversial match with The Great Scott
1953/04/02Buddy Rogers [2]Columbus, OH
Beat The Great Scott
1953/06/12Buddy Rogers [3]Cincinnati, OH
Beat Don Arnold
1953/10/22Bill MillerColumbus, OH
1954/03<Buddy Rogers [4]
1954Bill Miller [2]
1954/09/11Buddy Rogers [5]Akron, OH
1954/09/18Bill Miller [3]Akron, OH
1954/10/02Buddy Rogers [6]Akron, OH
1955/02/15Wilbur SnyderCleveland, OH
1955/03/15Buddy Rogers [7]Cleveland, OH
1955/07/26Bill Miller [4]Dayton, OH
1955/10/13Buddy Rogers [8]Columbus, OH
1955/11<Karl Von Albers
1956/01/24Buddy Rogers [9]Baltimore, MD
1956/03<Karl Von Albers [2]
1956/03/13Buddy Rogers [10]Baltimore, MD
1956/09/11Buddy Rogers [11]Baltimore, MD
Beat Jack Allen in tournament final
1957/01<Johnny Barend
1957/01/11Buddy Rogers [12]Akron, OH
1957/09/19Bearcat WrightToledo, OH
1957/10<Fritz Von Goehring
1958/01<Johnny Barend [2]
1958/07<Buddy Rogers [13]
1959/02Sweet Daddy SikiCanton, OH
1959/04Buddy Rogers [14]Canton, OH
1959/06/20Fritz Von GoeringReynoldsburg, OH
1959/08/08Buddy Rogers [15]Reynoldsburg, OH
1959/09/26Johnny Barend [3]Cincinnati, OH
1959Buddy Rogers [16]
1959/10/10Johnny Barend [4]Cincinnati, OH
1960/01Buddy Rogers [17]
Johnny Barend [5]
1961Karl Krauser (Karl Gotch)
1961/12/29Don CurtisColumbus, OH
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Ohio Title (Columbus-based)

1952/08<Buddy Rogers
1954/11<Bill Miller
1955/02/03Dick HuttonColumbus, OH
1955/06<Bill Miller [2]
1955/09/22Pat O'ConnorColumbus, OH
Beat Dick Hutton
1955/10/20Dick Hutton [2]Columbus, OH
1956/02<Bill Miller [3]Columbus, OH
1956/02/02Gene StanleeColumbus, OH
1956/04/19Bobo BrazilSpringfield, OH
1957/03<Bill Miller [4]
1957/03Bob McCune
1957/04/06Zebra KidColumbus, OH
1957/07/25Billy DarnellColumbus, OH
1957/08/01Paul DeGallesColumbus, OH
1957/08/08Billy Darnell [2]Columbus, OH
1958/02Ed Francis
1958/02/06Leon GrahamColumbus, OH
1958/08/30Juan SebastianColumbus, OH
1960/10<Magnificent Maurice
1960/10/15Karol KrauserCincinnati, OH
1961/07/01Steve StanleeReynoldsburg, OH
Beat Frankie Talaber
1961/08/19Johnny BarendColumbus, OH
Beat Frankie Talaber
1961Leon Graham [2]
1961/12/01Magnificent MauriceColumbus, OH
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Ohio Title (Cleveland-based)

1960/05/12Ilio DiPaoloCleveland, OH
Beat Boris Volkoff in tournament final
Held-up 1960/05/27 in Canton, OH vs. Fritz Von Erich; There was a rematch the following week in Canton that DiPaolo likely won
1961/04/20Sato KeomukaCleveland, OH
1961/05<Bearcat Wright
1961/12<Ilio DiPaolo [2]
Still champion in November 1962
1962/12<Bearcat Wright [2]
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Tri-State Title

1952/10<Buddy Rogers
1953/02VACANTDayton, OH
Title declared vacant after controversial match with The Great Scott
1953/04/02Buddy Rogers [2]Columbus, OH
Beat The Great Scott
1955/12/14Marco PoloMarion, OH
Beat Billy Fox
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WLW Television Title

1951/07/14Ruffy SilversteinDayton, OH
Beat Frankie Talaber in tournament final to become first champion
Beat Buddy Rogers 1952/02/09 in annual tournament final in Columbus, OH
1953/05/16Buddy RogersCincinnati, OH
Beat Frankie Talaber in annual tournament final
1954/01<Ruffy Silverstein [2]
1954/06<Bill MillerDayton, OH
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Tri-State Junior Heavyweight Title

1953/04<Billy Fox
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Ohio Women's Title

1941/02<Jane Hartzel
1952/01<Nell Stewart
Still champ as of 1954/01
1956<Nell Stewart [2]
1957/07/14Nell Stewart [3]Columbus, OH
Beat Lee Chona LaClair.
1960/01<Lee Chona LeClair
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World Tag Team Title

1959/01/07Jackie & Don FargoMansfield, OH
Beat Jackie Nichols & Frankie Talabar
1959/01Joe & Guy Brunnetti
1959/02/12Doc & Mike GallagherCleveland, OH
1959/11/21Ilio DiPaolo & Lord LaytonAkron, OH
The Gallaghers continue to be billed as champions in Canton, OH (and possibly other cities)
1960/01<Doc & Mike Gallagher [2]
1960/03/24Chris & John TolosCleveland, OH
Repeated 1960/03/28 in Mansfield, OH
1960/09/29Ilio DiPaolo & Lord Layton [2]Cleveland, OH
1960/10Chris & John Tolos
1960/10/17Doc & Mike Gallagher [3]
1960/11/26Duke & Sato KeomukaAkron, OH
Repeated 1960/12/01 in Cleveland, OH
1961/04/13Bobo Brazil & Bearcat WrightCleveland, OH
1961/08<Sato & Taro Keomuka
1961/09/07Ilio DiPaolo & Bearcat WrightCleveland, OH
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American Tag Team Title

The title would go by many different names in subsequent years including United States Tag Team Title, Eatern States Tag Team Title, North American Tag Team Title,
Midwest Tag Team Title, Ohio Tag Team Title, and Tri-State Tag Team Title. The name seems to depend on which city it was defended in and the time period. Much of
the confusion over the name is likely due to sloppy reporting by newspapers because of their low opinion of wrestling. Additionally the lineages are likely slightly
different in various cities.

1953/10Buddy Rogers & Great Scott
Win tournament to become first champions; While there are known individual tournament matches in various cities, no final match has been found
1954/09/02Don Leo Jonathan & Ray SternColumbus, OH
1954Danny McShain & Oyama Kato
1954/11/26Buddy Rogers & Great Scott [2]Columbus, OH
1955/01/01Bill Miller & Johnny ValentineColumbus, OH
1955/02/10Buddy Rogers & Great Scott [3]Columbus, OH
Beat Bill Miller & Stan Holek
1955/05<Dick Hutton & The Great Scott
1955/10<Ray & Don Stevens (Don Kalt aka Fargo)
1956/02<Shag Thomas & Joe Scarpella
1956/03<Donn & Mark Lewin
1956/03/13Ray & Don Stevens [2]
1956/03/31Donn & Mark Lewin [2]Akron, OH
1956/04<Ray & Don Stevens [3]
1956/05/30Frankie Talaber & Bobo Brazil [2]Mansfield, OH
1956/08<Frankie Talaber & Jim Hady
1956/08/10Ray & Don Stevens [4]Cincinnati, OH
1956/08/17Frankie Talaber & Jim Hady [2]Cincinnati, OH
1957/08<Ed Francis & Ray Stevens
Francis & Stevens were billed as champs inother cities before beating Frankie Talaber & Leon Graham in Columbus, OH on 1957/08/30
1957/10/16Billy Darnell & Rocco ColumboMansfield, OH
1957/10<Frankie Talaber & Leon Graham
1957/11/09Ivan Bornov (Tony Borne) & Great Malenko (Frank Fazo)Columbus, OH
1958/01Frankie Talaber & Leon Graham [2]
1958/02/13Shag Thomas & Charley HooverColumbus, OH
1958/03/20Leon Graham & Ed FrancisColumbus, OH
1958/06<Frankie Talaber & Leon Graham [3]
1958/10/17Cyclone Hess & Juan SebastianColumbus, OH
1958/10/24Frankie Talaber & Leon Graham [4]Columbus, OH
1959/02<Buddy Rogers & Great Scott
1959/03/10<Juan Sebastian & Oscar Verdu
1959/03<Buddy Rogers & Juan Sebastian
1959/03/26Sweet Daddy Siki & Leon GrahamColumbus, OH
1959/03Frankie Talaber & Leon Graham [4]
1959/05<Iron Russians: Hans Schnabel & Lou Newman
Possibly awarded title after a no contest in finals of tournament vs. Bearcat Wright & Sweet Daddy Siki 1959/05/07 in Columbus, OH
Chief White Owl & Yaqui Joe were billed as Ohio Tag team Cmps 1959/05 in Dover, OH
1959/06<Sweet Daddy Siki & Big Daddy Siki
1959/06<Iron Russians [2]
1959Frankie Talaber & Leon Graham [5]
1959/10/01Iron Russians [3]Columbus, OH
1960/12Johnny Barend & Magnificent Maurice
1962/03<Ivan & Karol Kalmikoff
1962Bob Orton & Great Scott
1962/06/12Carlos Milano & Pete SanchezAkron, OH
1962/07/28Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello & Roy HeffernanAkron, OH
Still/again champions 1963/04
1963/09/02Sweet Daddy Siki & Duke NobleColumbus, OH
Beat Frankie Talaber & Leon Graham
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Ohio Tag Team Title

1950/06Jack Kennedy & Lucky Simunovich
1950/06/22Hard Boiled Haggerty & Dutch HowlettColumbus, OH
1952/04<Joe Scarpello & Bill Miller
1953/10<The Intercollegiate Dark Secret & The Masked Durango
1955/07/07Frankie Talaber & Bobo BrazilColumbus, OH
Beat Bill Miller & Billy Varga
1956/05/02Ray & Don StevensMansfield, OH
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World Wide Wrestling Association Title

1963/03/28Dory DixonCleveland, OH
Beat Buddy Rogers to become first champ
1963/05/02Karl Von HessCleveland, OH
The night Von Hess won the title was the last card until the fall; When the promotion started up again, Bruno
Sammartino was recognized as WWWF World Champ (although some early articles referred to hims as WWWA Champ)
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World Wide Wrestling Association American Tag Team Title

1963/04/18Argentina Apollo & Bruno SammartinoCleveland, OH
Beat The Fabulous Kangaroos (Costello & Heffernan) to become the first champs
It's possible the Kangaroos won the title 1963/05/02 in Cleveland (no result was listed
in the newspaper) as they were billed as champs when the fall season stated
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World Wide Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title

1963/10<Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello & Roy Heffernan
Early newspaper articles referred to the Kangaroos as WWWA Tag Champs and International Tag Champs
1963/12/06Chris & John TolosCleveland, OH
An early February show was the last mention of this title. The WWWF would soon stop promoting in Cleveland
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