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Midwest Wrestling Association
World Heavyweight Title

1931/03/26John PesekColumbus, OH
Beat Marin Plestina to become first champ
Pesek vacates the title when he starts wrestling for Jim Londos' group
1935/07/03Everett Marshall
Awarded title as Marshall had the week before won the World Title as recognized by the Colorado Boxing Commission

Beat Ali Baba 1936/06/26 in Columbus, OH to win the main branch of the World Title

Marshall awarded win by referee after slamming Ray Steele on the floor 1937/02/05 in Columbus, OH
The Commission awards Steele the match, but not the title and suspends Marshall for 90 days
Steele is referred to as "World Title Claimant" in Dayton and Columbus until a car accident in March 1937
Marshall is still recognized as champion upon returning from suspension

Lou Thesz beat Marshall 1937/12/29 in St. Louis, MO and is recognized as the main branch World Champion, but not MWA Champ
However, Marshall has no recorded defenses after December 1937
1938/08John Pesek [2]
Awarded MWA World Title after being stripped of NWA World Title which he had defended in Columbus since 1937/11
Stripped of title
1940/06/27Orville BrownColumbus, OH
Beat Dick Shikat

Loses to Superman II (unmasked as NWA World Champ Bill Longson) 1942/04/21 in Louisville, KY but is still recognized as champ in Ohio
1942/12/03Ed LewisColumbus, OH
1943/01/28John Pesek [3]Columbus, OH
Pesek's final recorded defense is 1948/12/16; When he returns to Ohio in 1950 he's not billed as champion
Note that both AWA World Champ Frank Sexton and NWA World Champ Orville Brown defended those titles in Columbus in 1948
1951/01<Don Eagle
Billed as both MWA World Champ and AWA World Champ in Columbus
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Midwest Wrestling Association
World Junior Heavyweight Title

1939/12/19Billy WeidnerDayton, OH
Won tournament to become first champ
The tournament is repeated 1939/12/28 in Columbus, OH with Weidner beating Oregom McDonald in the final
1940/02/08Gil KnutsenDayton, OH
1940/05/31Jules LaranceColumbus, OH
1941/01/16Billy Weidner [2]Columbus, OH
1941/02/13Frankie TalaberColumbus, OH
1941/07/02Bob KenastonColumbus, OH
1941/09/03Jules Larance [2]Dayton, OH
1941/09/18Bob Kenaston [2]Columbus, OH
1941/10/16Dave ReynoldsColumbus, OH
1941/10/31Jules Larance [3]Columbus, OH
Repeated 1941/11/04 in Dayton, OH
1942/02/12Billy ThomColumbus, OH
1942/02/26Ali PashaColumbus, OH
This change not recognized in Columbus, OH where Larance beat Thom for the title 1942/03/17
1942/03/05Jules Larance [4]Columbus, OH
1942/08/11Great MephistoDayton, OH
1942/08/25Jules Larance [5]Dayton, OH
1942/10/13Martino AngeloDayton, OH
1942/11/03Jules Larance [6]Dayton, OH
1942/11/10Martino Angelo [2]Dayton, OH
The October and November changes not recognized in Columbus, where Angelo defeats Larance 1942/11/11
1943/01/01Billy Thom [2]Columbus, OH
1943/03/04Jules Larance [7]Columbus, OH
1943/06/30Billy Thom [3]Columbus, OH
1943/09/09Martino Angelo [3]Columbus, OH
1943/10/21Frankie Talaber [2]Columbus, OH
1944/02/17Jules Larance [8]Columbus, OH
1944/03/30Great Mephisto [2]Columbus, OH
Disputed decision; Mephisto beat Larance 1944/04/10 in Columbus, OH to become undisputed champ
1944/05/11Frankie Talaber [3]Columbus, OH
1944/07/13Billy Weidner [3]Columbus, OH
1944/11/16Great Mephisto [3]Columbus, OH
1945/01/04Frankie Talaber [4]Columbus, OH
1945/03/06Pierre LabelleDayton, OH
1945/03/29Frankie Talaber [5]Columbus, OH
1945/10/11Johnny DemchukColumbus, OH
1946/04/25Bob CummingsColumbus, OH
1946/05/22Johnny Demchuk [2]Columbus, OH
1947/01/22Bob Cummings [2]Columbus, OH
1947/06/04Johnny Demchuk [3]Columbus, OH
1948/01/29Billy Weidner [4]Columbus, OH
1948/05/05Johnny Demchuk [4]Columbus, OH
1948/10/23Lou KleinColumbus, OH
1948/11/06Johnny Demchuk [5]Columbus, OH
1948/12<Tommy MartindaleHamilton, OH
1949/01/01Johnny Demchuk [6]Columbus, OH
1949/04/07Martino Angelo [4]Toledo, OH
1949/05/04Billy FoxColumbus, OH
1949/05/11Martino Angelo [5]Columbus, OH
1949/09/14Frankie Talaber [6]Columbus, OH
1949/09Cyclone Anaya
1949/10/04Frankie Talaber [7]Cleveland, OH
1949/11<Cyclone Anaya [2]Columbus, OH
Or Pittsburgh, PA
1950/01/05Frankie Talaber [8]Cleveland, OH
1951/01/04Jackie NicholsColumbus, OH
1951/03/15Roy ShireColumbus, OH
1951/06/14Frankie Talaber [9]Columbus, OH
1951/08/02Marvin MercerColumbus, OH
1952/03/18Roy Shire [2]Dayton, OH
Frankie Talaber beat Shire 1952/05/22 but the decision is overturned because Talaber was over the weight limit
1952/06/03Joe ScarpelloDayton, OH
1952/11/24Ed FrancisHuntington, WV
1953/03/19Lou Klein [2]Columbus, OH
1953/03/27Ed Francis [2]Columbus, OH
Francis vacates the title when he can't make the weight limit
1953/05/15Frankie Talaber [10]Columbus, OH
Beat Joe Scarpello in tournament final
1954/01/27Oyama KatoMansfield, OH
Repeated 1954/02/09 in Dayton, OH
1954/02/23Frankie Talaber [11]Dayton, OH
1954/07/15Eddie Gossett (Eddie Graham)Columbus, OH
1954/11/11Billy VargaColumbus, OH
1955/09/02Joe Scarpello [2]Columbus, OH
Frankie Talaber beats Scarpello 1956/01/18 in Mansfield, OH but is only recognized in that city
It's unknown how the Mansfield branch is trued-up with the main branch
1956/04/26The Buckeye Mystery ManColumbus, OH
1956/05/03Joe Scarpello [3]Columbus, OH
1956/06/14Ray StevensColumbus, OH
1956/08/02Jim HadyDayton, OH
1957/06<Paul DeGalles
1957/09/05Dick TorioColumbus, OH
1958/04/10Jim Hady [2]Columbus, OH
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Midwest Wrestling Association
World Light Heavyweight Title

1931/01/01Joe BanaskiColumbus, OH
Beat Nick Bozinis to become first champion
1931/09/16Marion MynsterColumbus, OH
Wins one fall of a three fall match; Banaski continues to defend title in Cleveland, OH
1931/12<John Kilonis
Cleveland newspapers state Kilonis had beaten Banaski for the title
Banaski, Mynster, and Kilonis all were making claims to the title at the same time
The title was declared vacant in Columbus, OH
1932/02/12Pinky GardnerColumbus, OH
Beat Joe Banaski for the vacant title; Gardner had beaten Banaski 1932/02/08 in Camden, NJ
The title was declared vacant 1932/12 in Cleveland, OH when Gardner is said to have retired
Joe Banaski beat John Kilonis for the vacant title 1933/01/31 in Cleveland, OH
1933/03/17Ray CarpenterSchenectady, NY
1933/06/06Joe Banaski [2]Columbus, OH
1934/02/28Charley FischerColumbus, OH
Banaski continues to defend the title in Charlotte, NC until losing to Fischer 1934/04/04
Beat claimant Pinky Gardner 1934/03/21 in Columbus, OH
1935/11/04Walter RoxeyDetroit, MI
1936/01/01Great MephistoDayton, OH
1936/01/27George DussetteDetroit, MI
1936/07/06Billy WeidnerDetroit, MI
1937/01/28Charley Fischer [2]Columbus, OH
Fischer retired
1937/08/13Billy ThomColumbus, OH
Beat Billy Weidner in tournament final
1937/10/01Great Mephisto [2]Columbus, OH
1937/11/09Billy Weidner [2]Dayton, OH
1938/03/30Frankie TalaberColumbus, OH
Whitey Wahlberg is billed as champ 1938/06 in Canton, OH
Great Mephisto beat Wahlberg 1938/06/23 in Canton, OH but Wahlberg continues to claim title
Talaber beat Mephisto 1938/07/07 in Canton, OH to unify that claim
Talaber beat Wahlberg 1938/07/28 in Canton, OH to unify that claim
1938/09/30Billy Weidner [3]Columbus, OH
1938/12/08Jimmy HeffnerCanton, OH
1938/12/15Billy Weidner [4]Canton, OH
1939/01/12Great Mephisto [3]Columbus, OH
1939/02/21Billy Weidner [5]Dayton, OH
Repeated on 39/03/08 in Columbus, OH and on 39/03/17 in Akron, OH.
One report has Jack Hagan beating Weidner and then losing the title to Dory Detton in Cincinnati, OH
1939/05/04Dory DettonColumbus, OH
1939/06/15Frankie Talaber [2]Columbus, OH
1939/12/08Stacey HallColumbus, OH
Hall moves up to junior heavyweight division
1940Great Mephisto [4]
1940/03/13Morris ShapiroCleveland, OH
1940/05/15Great Mephisto [5]Cleveland, OH
1940Billy Weidner [6]
1940/11/08Great Mephisto [6]Akron, OH
1940/12/13Buddy KnoxAkron, OH
Mephisto billed as champion in Canton, OH in January 1941; He was said to have recently beaten
Walter Roxey for the title in Columbus although no such match is known to have taken place
1941/12/23Dave ReynoldsDayton, OH
Beat Buzz Jones in tournament final
1942/07/21Stacey Hall [2]Dayton, OH
1942/08/04Dave Reynolds [2]Dayton, OH
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Midwest Wrestling Association
World Junior Middleweight Title (152 lb.)

1934/04/26Billy ThomColumbus, OH
Beat Earl McCann
Silent Rotham was a title claimant 1934/06< but was beaten by Thom 1934/08/08 to end claim
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Midwest Wrestling Association
World Welterweight Title

1931/11/03Robin ReedCleveland, OH
Beat Pete Metropoulos to become first champ
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