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World Tag Team Title NWF Tag Team Title NWF U.S. Tag Team Title

National Wrestling Federation Title

1971/07<Johnny Powers
Allegedly beat Fred Blassie in Los Angeles, CA
1971/11Waldo Von Erich
1971/12/02Dominic DeNucciCleveland, OH
1971/12/30Waldo Von Erich [2]Cleveland, OH
Repeated 1972/01/05 in Buffalo, NY
1972/06/09Ernie LaddCleveland, OH
1972/06/24Abdullah the ButcherAkron, OH
1972/10/19Johnny ValentineCleveland, OH
Held-up 1972/12/07 vs. Johnny Powers in Cleveland, OH
Valentine leaves promotion after not receiving a higher weekly guarantee
1973/01/24Jacques RougeauBuffalo, NY
Beat Waldo Von Erich in tournament final
1973/05<Johnny Valentine [2]
1973Johnny Powers [2]Rochester, NY
1973/12/10Antonio InokiTokyo, Japan
Title moves to New Japan Pro Wrestling
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National Wrestling Federation North American Title

This title predates the formation of the NWF

1968/10<Moose Cholak
1969/05<Johnny Powers
1970/01/01Bulldog BrowerCleveland, OH
1970/12/05Ernie LaddAkron, OH
Held-up 1971/03/18 vs. Tex McKenzie in Cleveland, OH
Ladd wins rematch 1971/04/08 in Cleveland, OH
1971/04Johnny Powers [2]
One report has Powers' win at the studio TV taping having aaired 1971/04/03; However, it's probably that date is incorrect
1971/06/03Waldo Von ErichCleveland, OH
1971/11/17Johnny Powers [3]Buffalo, NY
Repeated 1972/11/18 in Cleveland, OH
Held-up 1972/03/17 vs. The Sheik in Cleveland, OH
Powers wins rematch 1972/03/23 in Cleveland, OH
1972/09/01Johnny ValentineCleveland, OH
Held-up 1972/09/22 vs. Johnny Powers in Cleveland, OH
Reports have Ernie Ladd winning the title 1972/11/22 in Buffalo, NY; However, a match the following night in Clevand vs.
Abdullah the Butcher was his last recorded one in the territory for almost a year
1972/11/23Johnny Powers [4]Cleveland, OH
1973/02/17Eric the AnimalAkron, OH
1973/05/05Johnny Powers [5]Cleveland, OH
Beats Eric to win the held-up title; Repeated 1973/05/16 in Buffalo, NY
1973/06/16J. B. PsychoBuffalo, NY
1973/06/24Johnny Powers [6]Akron, OH
1974/01/31Ernie Ladd [2]Cleveland, OH
1974/03<Ox Baker
1974/03/14Ernie Ladd [3]Cleveland, OH
1974/03/18Johnny Powers [7]Akron, OH
1974/04<Dominic DeNucci
1974/05/31George SteelePittsburgh, PA
1974/06<Dominic DeNucci [2]
1974/07Stan Stasiak
1975/01<Johnny Powers [8]
Last billed as champion in late February 1975

Ox Baker defends IWA North American Title in Cleveland in March 1975
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National Wrestling Federation Junior Heavyweight Title

1973/05/05Raymond RougeauCleveland, OH
Beat Hartford Love in tournament final to become first champ
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World Tag Team Title

1968/10<Mitsu Arakawa & Mr. Moto
1968/11<Doc & Mike Gallagher
1969/01/23Johnny Powers & Moose CholakCleveland, OH
1969/04/03Reginald Love & Hartford LoveCleveland, OH
1969/11<Johnny Powers & The Great Igor
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National Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title

The Detroit-based NWA Tag Team Title was also defended
on NWF shows and is often confused with this title.

1970/03/12The Outlaws:Dick Murdoch & Dusty RhodesCleveland, OH
Beat Ben Justice & The Stomper in tournament final
1970/08/29Johnny Powers & Chief White OwlAkron, OH
1970/11<Kurt Von Hess & The Executioner
1971/01/07Don & Johnny Fargo (Greg Valentine)Cleveland, OH
Beat Chief White Owl & Luis Martinez
1971Chief White Owl & Luis MartinezCincinnati, OH
Phantom title change due to Johnny breaking his leg
1971/06<The Mongols: Bepo & Geeto
1971/07/22Eric the Red & Kurt Von HessCleveland, OH
Beat Tony Parisi & Luis Martinez in tournament final
1971/08/07Bulldog Brower & Dominic DeNucciCleveland, OH
1971/09<Chief White Owl & Luis Martinez
1972/01/19Mitsu Arakawa & Yoshino SatoBuffalo, NY
Beat Tony Parisi & Dominic Denucci in tournament final
1972/03Tony Parisi & Dominic Denucci
1972/05/11Don & Johnny Fargo [2]Cleveland, OH
Repeated 1972/05/24 in Buffalo, NY
1972/12/27Tony Parisi & Luis MartinezBuffalo, NY
1973/05/02Johnny Powers & Jacques RougeauBuffalo, NY
Beat Hartford & Reginald Love tournament final
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National Wrestling Federation
United States Tag Team Title

1972/01<Reginald & Hartford Love
Billed as champions thru April 1972
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