WWA Title WWA Tag Team Title

The listings for WWA titles only include the
lineage after the move from Indianapolis to Toledo.

World Wrestling Association Title

1985/09<The Great Wojo [2]
1986/08/14Scott Rechsteiner (Scott Steiner)Deaborn, MI
1987/05/03The Gret Wojo [3]Toledo, OH
Wojo retires
1989/04/16Golden LionToledo, OH
Beat Calypso Jim
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World Wrestling Association Tag Team Title

1985/07<Don Kent & Jerry Graham, Jr.
Chris Carter & Bobo Brazil
Don Kent & Jerry Graham, Jr. [2]
1986Chris Carter & Calypso Jim
1986Polynesian Wildman & Prince Mama Mohammad
Mohammad injured
1986Chris Carter & Denny Kass
Beat Polynesian Wildman & Golden Lion.
Chris Carter & Mohammad Saad
1987/10/04Scott Rechsteiner & Jerry Graham, Jr.
1987/12/06Don Kent & Chris CarterToledo, OH
Kent and Carter split up
1988/02/14Chris Carter & Calypso Jim [2]Toledo, OH
Beat Don Kent & Jerry Graham, Jr.
1989/04/16Mortor City Hitmen: Mickey Doyle & Al SnowToledo, OH
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