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January 24, 1905 in Toledo, OH
Memorial Hall drawing ???
  1. Tommy Hoy vs. ???.

  2. Chief Two Feathers vs. Jack O'Neil.

  3. Al Ackerman vs. Clarence Bouldin.
Note: This show was held as part of a police chief convention.

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February 21, 1905 in Toledo, OH
Valentine Theater drawing ???
  1. Walter Billeter beat Arthur Lawrence.

  2. Johnny Billiter beat Dummy Smith.

  3. Max Wiley beat Ed Edwards in three falls.
    • Wiley beat Edwards (11:00).
    • Edwards beat Wiley.
    • Wiley beat Edwards.
Note: This event was promoted by Harvey Parker.

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May 30, 1905 in Toledo, OH
Empire Theater drawing ???
  1. Johnny Schufeldt drew ??? Schufeldt (15:00) in an "exhibition" match.

  2. Johnny Billeter beat Louis Kraft (8:40).

  3. Ollie Gans beat Walter Holliher in two straight falls.

  4. Max Wiley beat Al Ackerman (50:00) in two straight falls.
    • Wiley beat Ackerman.
    • Ackerman forfeited the second fall.
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Note: Future World Lightweight Wrestling Champ and Toledo native
Johnny Billter won his boxing debut June 15, 1905 in Findlay, OH.

August 11, 1905 in Toledo, OH
The Garden drawing ???
  1. Johnny Billeter vs. ??? Yamagata.
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