Tournament 1984 Three Tour Tournament 1985
Kakuto Nettai Road Tournament Kakuto Prospect Tournament

Tournament 1984

September 7 - 11, 1984

Super Tiger________
Yoshiaki Fujiwara__|        |
Mark Lewin_________         |
Akira Maeda________|

Tournament Detail

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Three Tour Tournament 1985

January 7 - April 26, 1985

1.Osamu Kido61
2.Super Tiger52
3.Yoshiaki Fujiwara52
4.Akira Maeda43
5.Nobuhiko Takada43
6.Kazuo Yamazaki25
7.Masami Soranaka25
8.Mach Hayato07

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Kakuto Nettai Road Tournament

July 8 - 25, 1985

Rank"A" LeagueWinsLossesPoints
1.Yoshiaki Fujiwara415
2.Satoru Sayama4116
3.Akira Maeda3211
4.Osamu Kido2314
5.Nobuhiko Takada2326
6.Keith Hayward0515

Rank"B" LeagueWinsLossesPoints
1.Kazuo Yamazaki50?
2.Mike Bennett23?
3.Ben Alexander23?
4.John Wilson14?

Note: Points were awarded for knock downs and rope breaks. It was used as a tie-breaker with the wrestler with lower points ranking higher. Each wrestler in the "B" League wrestled each other twice. There are two unknown match results.

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Kakuto Prospect Tournament

August 25 - September 11, 1985

1.Yoshiaki Fujiwara5031
2.Satoru Sayama4124
3.Osamu Kido3217
4.Akira Maeda148
5.Kazuo Yamazaki1422
6.Nobuhiko Takada1434

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