Starcage 1985 Rage in a Cage Rage in a Cage II
Battle by the Bay Brawl in St. Paul War in the Windy City
Super Sunday _ _

Super Sunday

April 24, 1983 in St. Paul, MN
St. Paul Civic Center drawing 20,000
St. Paul Auditorium drawing 5,000 (CCTV)
The combined gate was $300,000
  1. Brad Rheingans pinned Rocky Stone (9:34).

  2. Buck Zumhoffe pinned Steve Regal (11:05).

  3. Jerry Lawler pinned John Tolos (8:24).

  4. World Women's Tag Team Champs Joyce Grable & Wendi Richter beat Judy Martin & Velvet McIntyre (15:28) when Grable pinned McIntyre.

  5. Wahoo McDaniel pinned Eddie Boulder (9:04).

  6. Jesse Ventura, Ken Patera, & Blackjack Lanza beat Rick Martel, Jim Brunzell, & Greg Gagne (17:03) when Patera pinned Brunzell.

  7. AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkel beat Hulk Hogan via DQ.

  8. Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon beat Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie (13:28) when Gagne pinned Al-Kaissie.
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StarCage 1985

April 21, 1985 in St. Paul, MN
  1. Tom Zenk & Steve Olsonoski beat The Alaskans.

  2. Buck Zumhoffe & Baron Von Raschke beat Jimmy Garvin & Steve Regal.

  3. Bob Backlund & Brad Rheingans beat Larry Zbyszko & Butch Reed.

  4. Jim Brunzell & Tonga Kid beat Bill Robinson & Bobby Duncum.

  5. Road Warriors beat Curt & Larry Hennig via DQ.

  6. Verne & Greg Gagne beat Masa Saito & Nick Bockwinkel when Verne pinned Bockwinkel.

  7. Sgt. Slaughter & Jerry Blackwell beat Masked Superstar, King Tonga, & Adnan Al-Kassie in a "handicap steel cage" match.
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AWA/NWA Rage in a Cage

April 28, 1986 in East Rutherford, NJ
The Meadowlands drawing 5,000 ($76,000)
  1. Col DeBeers beat Davey Gee.

  2. Mike Rotunda pinned Doug Somers.

  3. Bruiser Brody pinned Steve O.

  4. NWA US Champ Magnum TA beat Baron Von Raschke.

  5. AWA Tag Champs Scott Hall & Curt Hennig beat Konga the Barbarian & Boris Zuhkov when Hennig pinned Zuhkov.

  6. Nick Bockwinkel beat Larry Zbyszko in a "Texas death" match.

  7. NWA National Champ Tully Blanchard beat Ronnie Garvin via DQ.

  8. AWA World Champ Stan Hansen pinned Leon White.

  9. Dusty Rhodes pinned Arn Anderson in a "steel cage" match.

  10. The Road Warriors beat Ivan & Nikita Koloff in a "steel cage" match when Hawk pinned Ivan.
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Battle by the Bay

June 28, 1986 in Oakland, CA
Convention Center drawing 1,500
Shown live on ESPN
  1. Earthquake Ferris beat Ali Khan.

  2. Sherri Martel pinned Candi Divine to win the AWA Women's Title.

  3. Jimmy Snuka pinned Jay York.

  4. Nord the Barbarian pinned Nick Bockwinkel.

  5. Jerry Blackwell beat AWA World Champ Stan Hansen via DQ.

  6. The Midnight Rockers & Curt Hennig beat Buddy Rose, Doug Somers, & Alexis Smirnoff when Michaels pinned Somers.
  7. Col. DeBeers pinned Brad Rheingans.

  8. Larry Zbyszko DCO Scott LeDoux (4th Rnd).
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Brawl in St. Paul

December 25, 1986 in St. Paul, MN
Civic Center drawing 8,000
Shown live on Twin Cities PPV
  1. Buck Zumhoffe drew Buddy Wolfe (20:00).

  2. Earthquake Ferris beat Brian Knobbs.

  3. Steve O beat Boris Zuhkov.

  4. Greg Gagne, Scott Hall, & Leon White beat Larry Zbyszko, Mr. Saito, & Super Ninja.

  5. Jimmy Snuka beat Col. DeBeers via countout.

  6. AWA Nick Bockwinkel beat Curt Hennig via DQ.

  7. The Midnight Rockers beat Buddy Rose & Doug Somers in a "steel cage" match.
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Rage in a Cage II

April 16, 1988 in Las Vegas, NV
Showboat Pavilion drawing 2,000
  1. Mario Soto beat Ricky Ataki.

  2. Ricky Rice beat Brian Knobbs via DQ.

  3. Paul Diamond beat AWA TV Champ Greg Gagne via DQ.

  4. Soldat Ustinov & Teijo Khan beat Ray Stevens & Baron Von Raschke when Khan pinned Stevens.

  5. The Rock-n-Roll Express DDQ The Nasty Boys (13:00).

  6. Wahoo McDaniel beat Curt Hennig (8:00) in a "steel cage" match.
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War in the Windy City

June 23, 1989 in Chicago, IL
Odeon Pavilion drawing 1,000
Shown live on SportsChannel Chicago
  1. Tommy Jammer beat Johnny Stewart.

  2. Mike George beat Rockin' Randy.

  3. Akio Sato beat Paul Diamond via DQ.

  4. Chavo, Mando, & Hector Guerrero beat The Texas Hangmen & The Executioner.

  5. AWA Women's Champ Wendi Richter beat Candi Divine.

  6. Ken Patera & Scott Norton beat The Destruction Crew.

  7. AWA World Champ Larry Zbyszko drew Greg Gagne.
  8. Col. DeBeers beat Derrick Dukes in a "loser gets painted yellow" match.
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