September 28, 1985 in Chicago, IL
Comiskey Park drawing 21,000 ($288,000)
  1. AWA Americas Champ Sgt. Slaughter beat Boris Zuhkov (9:34) via DQ.

  2. IWA Champ Mil Mascaras pinned Buddy Roberts (6:57).

  3. Jumbo Tsuruta, Giant Baba, & Genichiro Tenryu beat Harley Race, Bill & Scott Irwin (10:57) when Baba pinned Bill.

  4. Sherri Martel pinned Candi Divine (11:24) to win the AWA Women's Title.

  5. World Class Texas Champ Kerry Von Erich pinned Jimmy Garvin (6:47).

  6. AWA Tag Champs Road Warriors beat Freebirds (Gordy & Hayes) (14:12) via DQ.

  7. NWA Midget Champ Little Tokyo pinned Little Mr. T (6:54).

  8. Jerry Blackwell beat Kamala (9:50) in a "bodyslam" match.

  9. AWA Junior Heavyweight Champ Steve Regal pinned Brad Rheingans (8:19).

  10. Greg Gagne, Scott Hall, & Curt Hennig beat Ray Stevens, Nick Bockwinkel, & Larry Zbyszko (12:20) when Hall pinned Stevens.

  11. NWA World Six Man Tag Champs Krusher Khruschev, Ivan & Nikita Koloff wrestled Crusher, Dick the Bruiser, Baron Von Raschke (9:40) when Ivan pinned Raschke.

  12. NWA World Champ Ric Flair pinned Magnum TA (19:10).

  13. AWA World Champ Rick Martel DCO Stan Hansen (2:30).
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SuperClash II

May 2, 1987 in San Fransisco, CA
Cow Palace drawing 2,800
  1. Adnan Al-Kassie pinned Buck Zumhoffe (10:45).

  2. DJ Peterson drew Super Ninja (Shunji Takano) (15:00).

  3. AWA Women's Champ Sherri Martel pinned Madusa Micelli (11:00).

  4. Curt Hennig pinned Nick Bockwinkel (26:00) to win the AWA World Title.

  5. The Midnight Rockers & Ray Stevens beat Buddy Wolfe, Doug Sommers, & Kevin Kelly (16:00) when Stevens pinned Sommers.

  6. Jerry Blackwell pinned Boris Zuhkov (10:00).

  7. Jimmy Snuka & Russ Francis beat The Terrorist (Brian Knobbs) & The Mercenary (Ron Fuller) (12:00) when Francis pinned Terrorist.
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SuperClash III

December 13, 1988 in Chicago, IL
UIC Pavilion drawing 1,672 ($25,081)
Shown live on PPV (0.5)
  1. Hector, Chavo, & Mando Guerrero beat Cactus Jack & Rock-n-Roll RPMs (6:35) when Chavo pinned Lane.

  2. Eric Embry pinned Jeff Jarrett (4:13).

  3. Jimmy Valiant pinned Wayne Bloom (0:24).

  4. WCCW Texas Champ Iceman King Parsons pinned Brickhouse Brown (5:41).

  5. Ricky Rice, Derrick Dukes, & Wendi Richter beat Paul Diamond, Pat Tanaka, & Madusa Micelli beat (5:43) when Richter pinned Micelli.

  6. Greg Gagne beat Ronnie Garvin (5:52) via countout to win the AWA TV Title.

  7. The Syrian Terrorist won a "street fight lingerie battle royal" (8:36). Also in the match were: Bambi, Peggy Lee Leather, Laurie Lynn, Brandi Mae, Malibu, Nina, Pocohantas, and Luna Vachon.

  8. Sgt Slaughter beat Col DeBeers in a "boot camp" match.

  9. WCCW Tag Champs The Samoan Swat Team beat Michael Hayes & Steve Cox (7:53) when Samu pinned Hayes.

  10. Wahoo McDaniel beat Manny Fernandez (7:48) in an "Indian strap" match.

  11. AWA World Champ Jerry Lawler beat Kerry Von Erich (18:53) to win the WCCW Title when the referee stopped the match due to Von Erich's excessive bleeding.

  12. The Rock-n-Roll Express DCO Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller (5:52).
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SuperClash IV

April 8, 1990 in St. Paul, MN
Civic Center drawing 2,000
  1. Jake Milliman pinned Todd Becker (4:25).

  2. The Texas Hangmen beat DJ Peterson & Brad Rheingans.

  3. Baron Von Raschke beat Col. DeBeers via countout.

  4. Tully Blanchard pinned Tommy Jammer.

  5. Nord the Barbarian beat Kokina Maximus.

  6. Larry Zbyszko pinned Masa Saito (16:01) to win the AWA World Title.

  7. The Trooper & Paul Diamond beat The Destruction Crew in a "steel cage" match when Enos was pinned.
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