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Macon Title Tournament 1973

August 14, 1973 in Macon, GA

Buddy Colt was the winner. Also in the tournament were: Bob Armstrong, Bobby Duncum, Rick Ferrara,
Ricky Gibson, Super Inferno #1, Tom Jones, Taro Kobayoshi, Jerry Oates, Bob Orton Jr., Billy Spears,
Stan Vachon, Bill Watts, Jim Wilson, Mr. Wrestling #2, and Akai Yoshihara.

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Macon Title Tournament 1978

March 14, 1978 in Macon, GA

Tony Atlas vs. Jacques Goulet
Stan Hansen vs. Raymond Rougeau
Pierre Lefebvre vs. Helmut Schmidt
Tommy Rich vs. Ole Anderson
Adrian Adonis vs. The Bounty Hunter
Wolfgang Schmidt vs. Mr. Wrestling II

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Macon Title Tournament 1979

September 25, 1979 in Macon, GA

Winner Unknown. Scheduled for the tournament were: Karl Kox, Tommy Rich,
Carl Fergie, Ricky Fields, Luke Graham, Ray Candy, Ernie Ladd, Bobby Jaggers,
Bob Armstrong, Jonathan Boyd, Tony Atlas, Bill Howard, Stan Hansen and Buzz Sawyer.

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