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Americas Tag Title Tournament 1970

April 8, 1970 in Los Angeles, CA

Final: La Pantera Negra & Tony Rocco beat Kinji Shibuya & Karl Heisinger

Also in the tournament: Rocky Johnson & Woody Farmer, Don Carson & The Great Kojika, The Bavarian Boys, Pepper Martin & Ray Ortega, Don Savage & El Negro, and The Oregon Lumberjack & The Skull.

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July 30, 1971 in Los Angeles, CA
Olympic Auditorium drawing 11,104
Shown live on CCTV drawing 4,120
  1. El Sicodelico beat Apolo.

  2. Kinji Shibuya & Mr. Saito beat Earl Maynard & Suni War Cloud.

  3. Mil Mascaras beat Bull Ramos.

  4. Black Gordman & Goliath beat The Medics.

  5. Raul Mata beat El Gran Markus.

  6. John Tolos beat Don Carson in a "Roman gladiator death" match to win the Americas title.
Note: This was the first ever closed circuit wrestling event and was shown at several movie theaters in Los Angeles.

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Memorial Coliseum Spectacular

August 27, 1971 in Los Angeles, CA
Memorial Coliseum drawing 25,847 ($142,158.50)
Shown live on CCTV
  1. El Sicodelico beat Fidel Castillo via DQ.

  2. The Masked Medics beat Earl Maynard & Apollo.

  3. Gran Markus beat Suni War Cloud via submission.

  4. Frankie Lane pinned Paul DeMarco.

  5. US Champ (San Fransisco) Peter Maivia beat Dutch Savage via DQ.

  6. El Gran Lothario pinned Ripper Collins.

  7. Black Gordman & Goliath beat Kenji Shibuya & Mr. Saito to win the Americas Tag Title.

  8. World Women's Champ Fabulous Moolah beat Betty Niccoli.

  9. NWA Lightweight Champ El Solitario pinned Raul Mata.

  10. Freddie Blassie beat John Tolos in three falls.
    • Tolos pinned Blassie.
    • Blassie TKO Tolos.
    • Blassie TKO Tolos.
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January 14, 1972 in Los Angeles, CA
Olympic Auditorium drawing ???
Shown live on CCTV
  1. Raul Mata beat Jack Armstrong, Mil Mascaras beat King Krow (Dan Kroffat).

  2. La Pantera Negra & Sal Lothario drew Tony Rocco & Fran Flores.

  3. Earl Maynard & Rocky Johnson beat Mr. Saito & Peace Brother # 1 (Bobby Christy).

  4. Goliath drew Cowboy Laine.

  5. Haystacks Calhoun beat Black Gordman.

  6. Dory Dixon beat Dutch Savage.

  7. Bruno Sammartino beat Kinji Shibuya.

  8. Bruno Sammartino won a "battle royal."
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Beat the Champ TV Title Tournament 1980

October 29, 1980 in Los Angeles, CA

Battleship Johnson_
Chief Running Hill_|          |
The Assassin_______           |                      |
                   |Assassin__|                      |
Mando Guerrero_____|                                 |
Al Madril__________                                  |
                   |Madril____                       |Johnson___
Ox Baker___________|          |                      |
                              |DDQ______             |
John Tolos_________           |         |            |
                   |Tolos_____|         |            |
Golden Boy_________|                    |Brannigan___|
Tom Pritchard______                     |
Butcher Brannigan__|

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Los Angeles Battle Royals

January 10, 1969Harley Race
January 16, 1970Rocky Johnson
January 15, 1971The Professional
January 14, 1972Bruno Sammartino
January 12, 1973Victor Rivera
January 18, 1974Black Gordman
January 17, 1975Andre the Giant
January 16, 1976Java Ruuk
January 14, 1977Toru Tanaka
January 13, 1978Hector Guerrero
January 12, 1979Leroy Brown
January 11, 1980Andre the Giant
January 9, 1981Twin Devil #1
January 23, 1982Mando Guerrero

Note: There were battle royals held at other times
of the year, but the January one was the biggest.

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