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1st Annual Eddie Gilbert Memorial Brawl

February 3, 1996 in Cherry Hill, NJ
The Armory drawing 500
  1. Knuckles Nelson beat Inferno Kid.

  2. Glenn Osbourne & Rockin' Rebel beat Blue Thunder & Harley Lewis via DQ.

  3. Tommy Gilbert drew Dory Funk, Jr. (20:00).

  4. The Lost Boys beat The Greek Connection and Bad Attitude in a "triangle" match to become the first NWA American Tag Team Champions.

  5. Johnny Gunn pinned Tommy Rich.

  6. Kevin Lawler, Debbie Combs, & HW Starr beat Angel, Twiggy Ramiriez, & Rick Ratchet when Combs pinned Rachet.

  7. NWA North American Champ Tommy Cairo pinned Derrick Domino.

  8. Ace Darling pinned Kid Flash.

  9. Doug Gilbert pinned Jerry Lawler.

  10. NWA World Champ Dan Severn pinned Al Snow.
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2nd Annual Eddie Gilbert Memorial Brawl

April 12, 1997 in Cherry Hill, NJ
West High School drawing 1,000
  1. Ray Odyssey & Inferno Kid beat Adrian Hall & Twiggy Ramirez to win the NWA American Tag Title.

  2. Mr. Puerto Rico beat Steve Corino.

  3. The Black Scorpion (Rick Ratchet) beat Donnie B. Deviously.

  4. Tommy Gilbert beat Ian Rotten.

  5. King Kong Bundy beat Don Montoya.

  6. Lance Diamond beat Reckless Youth and Cheetah Master in a "triangle" match to win the NWA North American Title.

  7. Marty Jannetty beat Harley Lewis.

  8. NWA World Champ Dan Severn DCO Dory Funk, Jr.

  9. I-Con won a "battle royal."

  10. Doug Gilbert beat Buddy Landell.

  11. Flash Funk beat Ace Darling.

  12. Goldust beat Derrick Domino.
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3rd Annual Eddie Gilbert Memorial Brawl

February 28, 1998 in Philadelphia, PA
Radisson Hotel drawing 600
  1. Overweight Lover beat Johnny Rotten.

  2. Ray Odyssey beat Patch.

  3. Brittany Brown beat Brandi Alexander.

  4. The Great Caruso beat Metal Maniac.

  5. Lance Diamond beat Twiggy Ramirez.

  6. NWA World Champ Dan Severn beat Franz Schumann.

  7. Ace Darling & Devon Storm beat Derrik Domino & Harley Lewis to win the vacant NWA American Tag Title.

  8. Sid Vicious beat King Kong Bundy.

  9. Doug & Tommy Gilbert beat Buddy Landell & Dory Funk, Jr.
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4th Annual Eddie Gilbert Memorial Brawl

October 2, 1999 in Vineland, NJ
Vineland High School drawing 350
  1. Slayer beat Lizard.

  2. Biggie Biggs won a "battle royal."

  3. Rik Ratchet beat Kevin Knight.

  4. Twiggy Ramirez beat Harley Lewis via DQ.

  5. George Steele beat Jack Hammer.

  6. The Inferno Kid beat Judas Young.

  7. Trooper Mattola beat Schyster.

  8. King Kong Bundy beat Biggie Biggs.

  9. Tommy Gilbert & Kronus beat The Public Enemy.
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