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NWA 50th Anniversary Show

October 24, 1998 in Cherry Hill, NJ
The Hilton Hotel drawing 500
  1. Christopher Daniels & Kevin Quinn beat Danny Dominion & Ace Steele.

  2. TNT & Promo Carnera III beat Patch & Lord Zeig.

  3. EZ Ryder beat Paul Atlas won the NWA Canadian Title.

  4. NWA New England Cruiserweight Champ Tre DCO Ray Odyssey. This was a triangle match, but Inferno Kid had already been eliminated.

  5. Steve Williams won the "WWF Dojo" battle royal. Also in the match were: Kurt angle, Babu, Steve Corino, Christopher Daniels, Teddy Hart, Barry Houston, Glen Kulka, Andrew Martin, Tom Pritchard, Giant Silva, Tiger Ali Singh, Shawn Stasiak, and Storm.

  6. Abdullah the Butcher beat T. Rantula.

  7. The Headbangers beat NWA North American Tag Champs Steve Dunn & Reno Riggins via DQ.

  8. Ace Darling & Devon Storm beat Lupus & Harley Lewis to win the NWA 2000 Tag Title.

  9. Eric Sbraccia & Knuckles Nelson beat Tully Blanchard & Tom Pritchard, Khris Germany & Kit Carson, and the Border Patrol in a "four corners" match to win the NWA Tag Title.

  10. NWA World Champ Dan Severn beat Steve Regal (26:10).

  11. Steve Corino, Lance Diamond, Rik Ratchet, & Doug Gilbert beat Stevie Richards, Dead Man Walking, & the Pitbulls in a "steel cage" match when Gilbert KO Richards.
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NWA 51st Anniversary Show

September 25, 1999 in Charlotte, NC
Grady Cole Center drawing 700
  1. Triple XXX beat The Sex Pistols (Shane Austin & David Young).

  2. Team Xtreme (Khris Germany & Kit Carson) beat Gene Austin & Tommy Starr.

  3. Samu & Gator DDQ Michelle Starr & Crusher Carlson.

  4. EZ Ryder beat Sebastian P. Sterling.

  5. Team Xtreme beat Triple XXX.

  6. Gary Steele beat Naoya Ogawa and Brian Anthony in a "triangle" match to win the NWA World Title.
    • Ogawa forced Anthony to submit.
    • Steele pinned Ogawa.

  7. Abdullah the Butcher beat Don Brodie.

  8. Twiggy Ramirez won a "royal rumble."

  9. NWA World Light Heavyweight Champ Logan Caine beat Twiggy Ramirez.

  10. Ron Garvin beat Stan Lane.

  11. Team Xtreme beat Knuckles Nelson & Duke Dalton to win the NWA World Title.
Guests: Penny Banner, Swede Hansen, Abe Jacobs, Don & Rocky Kernodle, Wahoo McDaniel, Nelson Royal, Lou Thesz, & Tommy Young

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NWA 52nd Anniversary Show

"Battle of the Belts 2000: Music City Mayhem"
October 14, 2000 in Nashville, TN
Nashville Fairgrounds drawing 360
  1. Lazz beat AJ Styles (10:19) via DQ.

  2. Chris Champion beat Slash (5:52) via countout.

  3. The Damaja & Nick Dinsmore beat Flash Flannagan & Rob Conway (14:25) Damaja pinned Flannagan.

  4. James Storm pinned Bully Douglas (14:19).

  5. NWA Women's Champ Strawberry pinned Lelani Kai (9:05).

  6. Vince Kaplack pinned Tony Kozina (12:50) to win the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title.

  7. NWA World Tag Champs Rick Michaels & David Young (20:23) beat Air Paris & Cassidy O'Reilly when Young pinned Paris.

  8. NWA World Champ Mike Rapada pinned Chris Harris (13:56).
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NWA 53rd Anniversary Show

"Battle of the Belts 2001: An NWA Odyssey"
October 13, 2001 in St. Petersburg, FL
The Wrestleplex drawing 300
  1. Jacey North pinned Biggie Biggs (4:35) to win the vacant NWA Virginia Title.

  2. Gene Austin & Brimstone beat Chunk-n-Dales (4:10) via double pinfall.

  3. Rocky Reynolds pinned Star (5:30) to win the NWA West Virginia/Ohio Title.

  4. NWA Mid-American Tag Champs Chris Gatlin & Steve Lane beat Jeff Daniels & Tim Renesto (5:45) when Gatlin pinned Daniels.

  5. Pepe Prado beat Cuban Assassin (5:20) via DQ.

  6. NWA Mid-South Champ Ricky Murdoch pinned Blade Boudreaux (5:20).

  7. Gary Steele & Paul Vault beat Johnny Moss & ? (6:50) when Steele pinned Moss.

  8. Naohiro Hoshikawa pinned Dagon Briggs.

  9. EZ Ryder beat Juggernaut (5:00) to win the vacant NWA Canada Title.

  10. Hotstuff Hernandez pinned Kevin Northcutt (10:00) to win the NWA National Title.

  11. Quinn Magnum beat Spyder to win the NWA North American Title.

  12. Cyborg pinned Buck Q (8:00) to win the NWA Florida Title.

  13. AJ Styles pinned Christopher Daniels (11:40).

  14. NWA World Tag Champs Chris Nelson & Vito DeNucci beat Sean Royal & Rusty Riddle (5:35) Nelson pinned Royal.

  15. Jason Rumble beat Lex Lovett, Jimmy Rave, Brandon K, and BJ Turner (7:10) in a "fatal five-way" match to win the NWA Junior Heavyweight Title when he pinned Lovett.

  16. NWA World Champ Steve Corino NC Shinya Hashimoto (10:05).

  17. Team NWA Florida (Chris Nelson, Vito DeNucci, Lex Lovett, Rod Steel, & Buck Q) NC and Team IPW (Scoot Andrews, Todd Shane, Mike Shane, Mike Sullivan, Chaos, & Jet Jaguar) (9:00) in a "wargames" match.
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NWA 54th Anniversary Show

October 26, 2002 in Corpus Christi, TX
??? drawing 250
  1. Jacey North pinned Brother Love.

  2. Ryan Pisiak pinned Damon Biggs in a "hair vs. hair" match.

  3. JT Wolfen & Sickdog beat Ricky Murdoch & Magnum when Sickdog pinned Magnum.

  4. Spyder pinned Paul Tracy.

  5. Biggie Biggs pinned Preston Quinn.

  6. Jason Rumble pinned Rocky Reynolds.

  7. Steve DeMarco beat JP Black in a "Texas death" match to win the NWA Southwest Texas Title.

  8. NWA UK Champ Johnny Moss pinned Danny Garnell.

  9. Char Starr pinned Madison to win the NWA Women's Title.

  10. Jorge Estrada pinned Paul Atlas to win the NWA North American Title.

  11. Konnan pinned Danny Dominion.

  12. NWA Tag Champs Chris Harris & James Storm beat AJ Styles & Rocky Reynolds when Storm pinned Reynolds.

  13. NWA World Champ Ron Killings beat Hotstuff Hernandez (8:00) in three falls.
    • Killings pinned Hernandez.
    • Hernandez pinned Killings.
    • Killings pinned Hernandez (8:00).
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NWA 55th Anniversary Show

October 10, 2003 in Parkersburg, WV
Park Pavilion drawing 300
  1. Kevin Rhodes beat CB Cool to win the NWA Florida Junior Heavyweight Title.

  2. Bruce Banner beat Romeo Godwinn.

  3. Vinnie Viagra & Bobby Jay beat Zach Mercury & Rob Stardom.

  4. NWA Hawaii Tag Champs The Hawaiian Power Company beat Cholo & Chris Cavanaugh.

  5. Spdyer beat Fergal Devitt to become the first NWA British Commonwealth Champ.

  6. Paul Tracey beat Muscles Mansfield.

  7. NWA National Champ Ricky Murdoch beat Shane Sommers to win the NWA Missouri Title.

  8. NWA Tri-State & NWA Bluegrass Champ Chance Prophet beat Trik Nasty.

  9. Synn beat Mason Hunter.
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NWA 55th Anniversary Show

October 10, 2003 in Parkersburg, WV
Park Pavilion drawing 325
  1. Kid Inferno & Twisted Youth beat DJ Skittles & Clank.

  2. NWA Florida X Champ Roderick Strong beat Jerrelle Clarke and Danny Doring in a "triangle" match.

  3. NWA North American Champ JT Wolfen beat Chance Prophet.

  4. NWA Women's Champ Leilani Kai beat AJ Sparxx.

  5. Chris Harris & James Storm beat The Naturals.

  6. NWA Junior Heavyweight Champ Chris Draven beat Vinnie Viagra, Double Dragon and Rocky Reynolds in a "four corners ladder" match.

  7. Trik Nasty won a "battle royal."
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NWA 56th Anniversary Show

October 15, 2004 in Winnipeg, MB
Ramada Marlborough Hotel drawing ???
  1. NWA Texas Champ Tejas beat Dustin Master.

  2. Shane Matthews beat The Juvinal Delinquince.

  3. The Trailer Park Boyz (Matt Korn & Dave Drako) beat Gino Martino & Larry Hunter via DQ.

  4. Johnny Moss beat Bryon Black.

  5. Fergal Devitt & Paul Tracey beat Carl O'Rourke & Paddy Mason.

  6. NWA Scottish Champ Conscience beat L.A. Warren.

  7. Dru Oynx beat Will Phoenix to win the vacant NWA British Commonwealth Title.

  8. Steve Jaworski won a "battle royal" to win the vacant NWA CWF Title.

  9. Vid Vain beat Kerry Brown to win the NWA Canadian Title.

  10. Spyder beat Ricky Murdoch to win the NWA North American Title.
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NWA 56th Anniversary Show

October 17, 2004 in Winnipeg, MB
Ramada Marlborough Hotel drawing 100
  1. Chasyn Rance beat Mark Stephens to win the NWA Spinebuster Junior Heavyweight Title.

  2. NWA CWF Champ Steve Jaworski beat Tank Roberts.

  3. Will Phoenix beat Shane Matthews.

  4. Carl O'Rourke, Paddy Mason, and Conscience beat Bryon Black, Paul Tracey, & Fergal Devitt.

  5. NWA New England Brass Knuckles Champ Gino Martino beat Dave Drako.

  6. Shane Dyson & Roadblock Jones beat Keith Laughman & L.A. Warren.

  7. Jason Rumble beat Jerrelle Clark and Vance Desmond in an "elimination" match to win the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title.
    • Clark pinned Desmond.
    • Rumble pinned Clark.

  8. NWA X Champ Petey Williams beat Kenny Omega.
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NWA 57th Anniversary Show

October 6, 2005 in Lebanon, TN
Armory drawing ???
  1. Scott Murray beat Chad Allegra in (8:03).

  2. Pierre & Damien Vachon beat Jay Davis & Sean Reed (15:46).

  3. LA Player beat Michael Barry (11:13).

  4. TC Carnage beat Cabana Man Dan (5:46).

  5. Roadblock Rex beat CJ Connor (4:41).

  6. TJ Dalton & Daizee Haze beat Delirious & Ms. Chif.

  7. Andy Douglas beat Tracy Smothers (4:56).

  8. JT Wolfen, Makua, & Ka Hoku beat Mark Moment, Larry Huntley, & Sonny Roselli (6:01).
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NWA 57th Anniversary Show

October 7, 2005 in Springfield, TN
Fair Building drawing ???
  1. NWA Tri-State X Champ Zac Vincent beat Vance Desmond and Aaron Dreaden via DQ in a "three way dance."

  2. Chance Prophet beat JT Money.

  3. NWA North American Champ JT Wolfen beat Mark Moment (3:53).

  4. Mark Jaguar beat Conscious (8:06) via DQ.

  5. Sonny Roselli & Larry Huntley beat Pierre & Damien Vachon and Makua & Ka Hoku in a "three way dance" to win the NWA New England Tag Title.

  6. Dynamite Derrick & Apollo beat Vito Andretti & Jack Black (6:05).

  7. McNasty beat BG James.

  8. Mr. X & Raw Talent beat JD Escalade & Chris Kahn and Shane Storm & JC Lynch (13:13) in a "three way dance" to win the NWA Tri-State Tag Title.

  9. Chad Allegra beat Scott Murray (7:58).

  10. NWA Ireland Tag Champs Danny Butler & Justin Bred beat Robbie Morrissey & Keith Loughman (14:24).

  11. Kevin Rhodes beat Mike Woods to win the Mid-America Title.

  12. Blitzz & Hammer beat Daron Smythe & Devin Devine (7:32).

  13. NWA Tag Champs Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas NC Eric Young & Cassidy Riley. As a result, the title was held-up.
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NWA 57th Anniversary Show

October 8, 2005 in Nashville, TN
Fairgrounds Coliseum drawing ???
  1. Seth Delay & Patrick Bentley beat Adam Roberts & Archangel Gabriel (7:03) when Delay pinned Gabriel.

  2. Vance Desmond beat Zac Vincent (7:12) to win the NWA Tri-State X Title.

  3. LA Player & Superfly P beat Cousin Cooter & The Amazing Pookie(8:23) when Pookie was pinned.

  4. NWA Virginia Champ Scotty Blaze beat Brandon Day (11:57).

  5. Komei pinned Alex Kosloff (5:47).

  6. Abyss NC Chris Michaels (8:04).

  7. NWA Quebec Canadian Tag Champs The Twin Terrors beat Lufisto & Tank (13:20).

  8. NWA Ireland Champ Paddy Morrow beat NWA UK Hammerlock Champ Paul Tracy (11:04) via DQ.

  9. Jason Rumble pinned Mark Moment (8:38).

  10. NWA Battlezone Junior Heavyweight Champ The Psycho pinned Rick Morgan (7:55).

  11. Fergal Devitt beat Dru Onyx (9:05) to win the NWA British Commonwealth Title.

  12. Jazz & Ice beat The Bounty Hunters (14:00) via double pinfall.

  13. NWA Bluegrass Champ Vinnie Viagra beat Chance Prophet (12:07) via submission.

  14. Jeff Daniels & Mike Woods beat Apollo & Dynamite Derrick (10:10) to win the vacant NWA Mid-America Tag Title when Apollo was pinned.

  15. NWA PWX Champ Scottie Gash beat Nikita Allanov and Chris Taylor (12:30) in a "three way dance" when he forced Allanov to submit.

  16. Tommy Marr beat JT Wolfen (9:41) to win the NWA North American Title.

  17. Ricky Murdoch beat The Juggulator and Conscience (8:58) when he pinned Juggulator.

  18. Chris Escobar & Shane Falco beat Daron Smythe & Tim Warcloud (12:53) to win the NWA North American Tag Title when Warcloud was pinned.

  19. Christie Ricci beat Lexie Fyfe and Tasha Simone (8:35) in a "three way dance" to win the NWA Women's Title.

  20. Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas beat Cassidy Riley & Eric Young (18:28) in a "street fight" match to win the held-up NWA Tag Title.
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