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Hardcore Justice 2

March 19, 2013 in Orlando, FL
Universal Studios drawing 1,400
Shown July 5, 2013 on PPV
  1. Homicide & Hernandez beat Slash & Sinn (10:09) in a "street fight" match.

  2. ODB pinned Jacquelyn Moore (9:18) in a "hardcore" match.

  3. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian beat Max & Jeremy Buck (13:31) in a "ladder" match.

  4. Shark Boy won a "weapons gauntlet" match (19:27). Also in the match were Too Cold Scorpio, Devon Storm, Little Guido, Johnny Swinger, Sam Shaw, Gunner, Crimson, and Funaki.

  5. James Storm, Magnus, & Bob Holly beat Doc, Knox, & Wes Brisco (12:53) in an "elimination" match. Storm was the sole survivor.
    • Holly pinned Knox.
    • Brisco pinned Holly.
    • Magnus pinned Brisco.
    • Doc pinned Magnus.
    • Storm pinned Doc.

  6. Joseph Park pinned Judas Mesias (12:20) in a "monster's ball" match.

  7. Jeff Hardy & Brother Run beat Team 3-D (9:44) in a "tables" match.
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Hardcore Justice 3

December 29, 2013 in Lowell, MA
Lowell Auditorium drawing 1,000
Shown January 10, 2014 on PPV

  1. Ethan Carter III beat Tommy Dreamer (9:20) in a "tables" match.

  2. Austin Aries beat Chris Sabin (14:38) in an "xscape" match.

  3. Bobby Roode beat Samoa Joe (10:11) via DQ.

  4. Lei'd Tapa pinned Velvet Sky (8:05)) in a "street fight" match.

  5. Joseph Park & Eric Young beat Christopher Daniels & Kazarian (13:37) in a "full metal mayhem" match when Young pinned Kazarian.

  6. Bully Ray beat Ken Anderson (13:01) in a "last man standing" match.

  7. Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, James Storm, & Abyss) beat Team Roode (Bobby Roode, Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, & Magnus) (21:16) in a "lethal lockdown" match when Abyss pinned E.
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Hardcore Justice 4

February 13, 2015 in Orland, FL
Universal Studios drawing 600
Shown April 1, 2015 on PPV
  1. Ross & Marshall Von Erich beat Sonjay Dutt & Jesus de Leon.

  2. Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards beat The Great Sanada & Manik (10:25) in a "ladder" match.

  3. Drew Galloway pinned Kenny King (9:45) in a "pipe on a pole" match.

  4. Eric Young beat Gunner (9:30) in a "tables" match.

  5. Gail Kim pinned Havok (7:30) in a "street fight" match.

  6. Matt Hardy pinned Abyss (11:30) in a "monster's ball" match.

  7. James Storm won a "hardcore gauntlet" match (24:00).

  8. Ethan Carter III beat Rockstar Spud (10:40) in a "first blood" match.

  9. Bram pinned Tommy Dreamer (11:35) in a "steel cage" match.

  10. Bobby Roode beat Bobby Lashley (13:00) in a "last man standing" match.
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