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1st Von Erich Memorial
Parade of Champions

May 6, 1984 in Irving, TX
Texas Stadium drawing 32,123 ($402,000)
CCTV in San Antonio, TX drawing 4,000
  1. Johnny Mantell drew Kelly Kiniski (15:00).

  2. Chris Adams & Sunshine beat Jimmy Garvin & Precious (6:00) when Adams pinned Garvin.

  3. Butch Reed pinned Chic Donovan.

  4. Kamala DDQ The Great Kabuki (12:00).

  5. Junkyard Dog beat The Missing Link (6:00) via DQ.

  6. Iceman King Parsons & Buck Zumhoffe beat The Super Destroyers to win the American Tag Title when Parsons pinned SD #1.

  7. Fritz, Mike, & Kevin Von Erich beat The Freebirds (Hayes, Gordy, & Roberts) in a "badstreet" match to win the Six Man Tag Title when Kevin pinned Roberts.

  8. Kerry Von Erich pinned Ric Flair (11:24) to win the NWA World Title.
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2nd Von Erich Memorial
Parade of Champions

May 5, 1985 in Irving, TX
Texas Stadium drawing 26,153 ($250,000)
  1. Johnny Mantell drew Skip Young.

  2. Scott Casey & Brian Adias beat Kelly & Nick Kiniski.

  3. Terry Gordy beat Kamala via DQ.

  4. Mike Von Erich pinned Rip Oliver.

  5. Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez beat The Great Kabuki & Scott Casey when Adams pinned Casey.

  6. The Fantastics (Fulton & Rogers) beat The Midnight Express (Eaton & Condrey) when Rogers pinned Eaton in a "two ring no DQ" match to win the held-up American Tag Title.

  7. The Freebirds (Hayes, Gordy, & Roberts) & Mike, Kevin, & Kerry Von Erich beat Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez, Rip Oliver, Kamala, One Man Gang, & Steve Williams in five falls in a "two ring match" match.
    • Adams pinned Roberts.
    • Hernandez pinned Hayes.
    • Kerry pinned Oliver.
    • Roberts pinned Hernandez.
    • Kevin pinned Williams.

  8. NWA World Champ Ric Flair DCO Kevin Von Erich (22:00).

  9. Kerry Von Erich pinned One Man Gang. This match was "Kerry's hair vs. Gary Hart's hair."
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3rd Von Erich Memorial
Parade of Champions

May 4, 1986 in Irving, TX
Texas Stadium drawing 24,121 ($193,108)
  1. Sunshine pinned Missy Hyatt in a "mudpit" match.

  2. The Great Kabuki pinned Mark Youngblood.

  3. The Great Kabuki pinned Jerry Allen.

  4. Steve Simpson pinned The Great Kabuki.

  5. WCCW Texas Champ Brian Adias pinned Steve Regal (13:00).

  6. Chris Adams & Brickhouse Brown beat John Tatum & The Grappler (12:00) when Adams pinned Grappler.

  7. The Missing Link & Iceman King Parsons beat One Man Gang & Skandar Akbar when Parsons pinned Akbar.

  8. Bruiser Brody pinned Terry Gordy in a "barbed wire" match.

  9. WCCW Champ Rick Rude beat Bruiser Brody (7:30) via DQ.

  10. Steve Simpson, Kerry & Lance Von Erich beat The Freebirds (Gordy, Hayes, & Roberts) in a "lumberjacks with straps elimination" match to win the WCCW Six Man Tag Title. Lance was the only survivor.
    • Gordy pinned Kerry.
    • Simpson pinned Hayes.
    • Roberts pinned Simpson.
    • Gordy was thrown over the top rope by Lance.
    • Lance pinned Roberts.
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4th Von Erich Memorial
Parade of Champions

May 3, 1987 in Irving, TX
Texas Stadium drawing 5,900 ($71,000)
  1. Matt Borne & Steve Casey beat Black Bart & Jack Victory when Borne pinned Bart.

  2. Cousin Junior pinned The Grappler.

  3. Steve Doll beat Tim Brooks.

  4. Red River Jack & Spike Huber beat Abdullah the Butcher & Eli the Eliminator when Huber pinned Eli.

  5. Red River Jack beat Gary Hart via countout.

  6. Mil Mascaras pinned Al Madril.

  7. Skip Young pinned Brian Adias in a "lumberjack" match.

  8. WCCW Champ Kevin Von Erich DCO Nord the Barbarian.

  9. The Fantastics (Fulton & Rogers) & Steve Simpson beat The Rock-n-Roll RPMs & Eric Embry in a "scaffold" match.

  10. Bruiser Brody pinned Jeep Swenson.

  11. Candi Divine won a six woman "mudpit" match.
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5th Von Erich Memorial
Parade of Champions

May 8, 1988 in Irving, TX
Texas Stadium drawing 7,000 ($53,000)
  1. The Missing Link & Jason Sterling beat Vince Apollo & The Angel of Death when Link pinned Apollo.

  2. WWA Champ Mike George pinned Jeff Raitz.

  3. Steve Casey pinned Eric Embry (0:19).

  4. Black Bart beat Bill Irwin via DQ.

  5. Terry Gordy pinned Michael Hayes in a "triple dome of terror" match.

  6. WCCW Texas Champ Terry Taylor pinned Chris Adams.

  7. Jason Sterling, Steve Casey, & John Tatum won a "triple dome Texas roundup" match. Also in the match were: Angel of Death, Mike George, Terry Gordy, Michael Hayes, Iceman King Parsons, Buddy Roberts, Shaun Simpson, Steve Simpson, Jack Victory, and five others.

  8. Bruiser Brody & Kevin Von Erich beat Buddy Roberts and a masked mystery partner (Solomon Grundy) (6:00) when Kevin pinned Roberts.

  9. WCCW Texas Tag Champs John Tatum & Jack Victory beat Terry Gordy & Steve Simpson via countout to win the Wild West Tag Title.

  10. Kerry Von Erich pinned Iceman King Parsons to win the WCCW Title.
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