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Fully Loaded 1998

July 26, 1998 in Fresno, CA
Selland Arena drawing 9,855 ($179,435)
Shown live on PPV (0.9)
  1. Val Venis pinned Jeff Jarrett (7:50).

  2. D-Lo Brown pinned X-Pac (8:26).

  3. Farooq & Too Cold Scorpio beat Terry Funk & Justin Bradshaw (6:51) when Scorpio pinned Funk.

  4. Mark Henry pinned Vader (5:03).

  5. Skull & Eight Ball beat LOD 2000 (8:50) when Animal was pinned.

  6. Owen Hart beat Ken Shamrock (4:53) via submission. This match was taped days earlier in Stu Hart's "dungeon." Dan Severn was the special referee.

  7. WWF I-C Champ Rocky Maivia drew Hunter Hearst Helmsley (30:04) in three falls.
    • Maivia pinned Helmsley (20:21).
    • Helmsley pinned Maivia (25:23).
    • The time limit expired.

  8. Jacquelyn beat Sable via DQ in a "bikini" contest. The decision was originally given to Sable, but she was later DQed for not wearing a top.

  9. The Undertaker & Steve Austin beat Kane & Mankind (17:28) to win the WWF Tag Title when Undertaker pinned Kane.
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Fully Loaded 1999

July 25, 1999 in Buffalo, NY
Marine Midland Arena drawing 16,605 ($547,380)
Shown live on PPV (0.94)
  1. Val Venis pinned Joey Abs (3:16).

  2. The Godfather pinned Meat (2:06).

  3. Christian pinned Viscera (2:43).

  4. Jeff Jarrett pinned Edge (13:22) to win the WWF I-C Title.

  5. Farooq & Bradshaw beat Michael Hayes, Matt & Jeff Hardy (9:32) in a "handicap" match to win the WWF Tag Title when Hayes was pinned.

  6. D-Lo Brown pinned Mideon (7:11) to win the WWF European Title.

  7. Big Bossman pinned Al Snow (10:13) to win the WWF Hardcore Title.

  8. The Big Show pinned Kane (8:13). Hardcore Holly was the special referee.

  9. Ken Shamrock KO Steve Blackman (4:19) in a "parking lot" match.

  10. Road Dogg & X-Pac beat Mr. Ass & Chyna (11:44) to "win the rights to the DX name" when Road Dogg pinned Ass.

  11. Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned The Rock (19:21) in a "strap" match.

  12. WWF World Champ Steve Austin beat The Undertaker (15:31) in a "first blood" match. As a result, Vince McMahon may no longer appear on television.
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Fully Loaded 2000

July 23, 2000 in Dallas, TX
Reunion Arena drawing 16,504 ($788,410)
Shown live on PPV (1.04)
  1. Lita, Matt & Jeff Hardy beat Test, Prince Albert, & Trish Stratus (13:12) when Lita pinned Stratus.

  2. Tazz beat Al Snow (5:20) via submission.

  3. Perry Saturn pinned Eddie Guerrero (8:10) to win the WWF European Title.

  4. The Acolytes beat WWF Tag Champs Edge & Christian (5:29) via DQ.

  5. WWF I-C Champ Val Venis beat Rikishi (14:10) in a "steel cage" match.

  6. The Undertaker pinned Kurt Angle (7:34).

  7. Triple H beat Chris Jericho (23:11) in a "last man standing" match.

  8. WWF World Champ The Rock pinned Chris Benoit (22:09).
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