OVW Hardcore Title
Tournament 2000
OVW TV Title
Tournament 2005
OVW Title
Tournament 2006

OVW Hardcore Title Tournament 2000

May 7 - June 23, 2000

Trailor Park Trash__
Mr. Black___________|        |
Flash_______________         |
BJ Payne____________|

Finals at Rockin' Rumble

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OVW TV Title Tournament 2005

May 18 - June 8, 2005 in Louisville, KY

Alexis Laree______
Mike Mondo________|         |
Blaster Lashley___          |         |
                  |Lashley__|         |
Seth Skyfire______|                   |
Deuce Shade_______                    |         |
                  |Shade____          |         |
Chad Toaland______|         |         |         |
                            |Shade____|         |
Paul Birchall_____          |                   |
                  |Birchall_|                   |
Nick Nemeth_______|                             |
Seven_____________                              |
                  |Seven____                    |
Osama_____________|         |                   |
                            |Doane____          |
Ken Doane_________          |         |         |
                  |Doane____|         |         |
Johnny Swinger____|                   |         |
Aaron Stevens_____                    |
                  |Stevens__          |
Danny Inferno_____|         |         |
Frankie Kazarian__          |
Kid Kash__________|

Notes: This tournament took place during Jim Cornette's "sabbatical" that occurred shortly before his release by the WWE. With Cornette gone, the booking lacked it's usual logic and continuity. The bracketing above is the best I can make of the mess. On the TV shows, the tournament bracketing display changed from one week to the next. Lashley was eliminated from the tournament for attacking Laree after their match (thus Shade received a bye). No reason was given for Seven not continuing after beating Osama (giving Doane a bye). The commentary on the TV show also indicated a match with Elijah Burke beating Cliff Compton was part of the tournament, but this was never mentioned afterward. There was also a match with Osama and Nemeth battling to a no contest that was said to be part of the tournament (after both had been eliminated in the first round).

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OVW Title Tournament 2006

February 15 - March 1, 2006 in Louisville, KY

CM Punk________
Ken Doane______|         |
Johnny Jeter___          |         |
               |Jeter____|         |
Chris Cage_____|                   |
The Miz________                    |
               |Miz______          |
Rene Dupre_____|         |         |
Elijah Burke___          |
Brent Albright_|

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