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The Von Erichs Remembered

There are reports of Vol. #6 being sold in the Vol. #1 box.

WCCW Volume #1

1980s Tom Shaft vs. Larry Higgins
1980s Bugsy McGraw vs. King Kong Bundy
1980s Great Kabuki & Arman Hussein vs. Kevin & Kerry Von Erich
1980s Carlos Zapata vs. Ivan Putski
1980s Bill Irwin vs. Andre the Giant
1980s Mark Youngblood vs. One Man Gang
1980s Rick Rude vs. Brickhouse Brown
1980s The Von Erichs vs. The Freebirds
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WCCW Volume #2

05/04/86 The Freebirds vs. Steve Simpson, Kerry & Lance Von Erich (Canadian lumberjack elimination match) (Von Erichs & Simpson win World Class Six Man Tag Title)
05/04/86 Bruiser Brody vs. Rick Rude
05/04/86 The Great Kabuki vs. Mark Youngblood, Jerry Allen, Steve Simpson, & Chris Adams (gauntlet match)
05/04/86 Brian Adias vs. Steve Regal
05/04/86 Chris Adams & Brickhouse Brown vs. John Tatum & The Grappler
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WCCW Volume #3

04/18/86 Steve Simpson vs. Jerry Allen
04/18/86 Rick Rude vs. Brian Adias
04/18/86 Kerry Von Erich vs. Steve Regal
04/18/86 Bruiser Brody & Missing Link vs. Terry Gordy & Great Kabuki
12/05/86 Tony Atlas vs. Master Gee
12/05/86 Bruiser Brody vs. The Grappler
12/05/86 Dingo Warrior vs. Tim Brooks
12/05/86 Abdullah the Butcher vs. Mark Youngblood
12/05/86 Mike, Lance, & Kevin Von Erich vs. Al Madril, Black Bart, & Brian Adias
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WCCW Volume #4

08/08/86 Mighty Zulu vs. Raul Castro
08/04/86 Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah the Butcher
08/08/86 Dingo Warrior vs. Chris Adams
03/30/84 Kerry Von Erich vs. Super Destroyer #1
08/08/86 Matt Borne & Buzz Sawyer vs. Mark Youngblood & Brian Adias
03/21/86 Brickhouse Brown vs. Steve Regal
03/17/86 The Freebirds vs. Kerry, Kevin, & Lance Von Erich
03/21/86 Rick Rude vs. Steve Simpson
03/21/86 The Fantastics vs. John Tatum & The Grappler
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WCCW Volume #5

05/06/84 Kamala vs. The Great Kabuki
05/11/84 Jules Strongbow vs. Kelly Kiniski
05/11/84 The Freebirds & Killer Khan vs. The Super Destroyers, Missing Link, & Great Kabuki
05/11/84 Ric Flair vs. Kerry Von Erich
11/01/85 Rick McCord vs. Billy Ash
11/01/85 Rick Rude vs. Mike Reed
11/01/85 Kevin Von Erich vs. Chris Adams
11/01/85 Kerry Von Erich vs. One Man Gang
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WCCW Volume #6

07/11/86 Dingo Warrior & Matt Borne vs. Brad & Bart Batten
07/11/86 Rick Rude vs. Mark Youngblood
07/11/86 Kevin Von Erich vs. Buzz Sawyer
07/11/86 Bruiser Brody & Steve Simpson vs. Tim Brooks & Grappler #2
1987 Dingo Warrior & Red River Jack vs. The Grappler & Bob Bradley
1987 Jeep Swenson vs. Dusty Wolfe & Jeff Raitz
1987 Tony Atlas vs. Black Bart
1987 Lance & Mike Von Erich vs. Tim Brooks & Brian Adias
1987 Nord the Barbarian vs. Steve Simpson
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World Class: The Von Erichs Remembered

1950s Jack Adkisson vs. Killer ???
06/04/82 The Great Kabuki & Magic Dragon vs. David & Kevin Von Erich (Kabuki & Dragon win World Class All-Asian Tag Team Title)
07/04/82 The Great Kabuki & Magic Dragon vs. Kerry & Kevin Von Erich (penalty box match)
07/29/83 David, Kerry, & Kevin Von Erich vs. Jimmy Garvin, Michael Hayes, & Buddy Roberts
11/04/83 Kerry & Kevin Von Erich vs. Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy (country whipping match)
10/06/85 Kerry & Kevin Von Erich vs. Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez (no DQ hair vs. hair match)
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